The domain name and website for Grin

Perhaps now it’s good time to seek the community consensus regarding the Grin domain name and website. The following rule was proposed:

  1. One and ONLY one domain name. “avoid replicating the,, drama”.
  2. One official website, for a more public-friendly website content, and having all related resources linked there.

So far, the following options of domain name was proposed, I set an optional poll here, to let the community know the community’s opinion.

  • (it is being listed for sale with near $25k, need a funding campaign to acquire it)
  • (already available and is being used for Grin community)
  • (already available)

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Welcome to give your comments and voting here :grin:

And I recap here the discussion on 11th Sep. 2018 in Governance meeting at Lobby:

Gary Yu @garyyu Sep 11 23:26
How about launch a new funding campaign to buy the domain for the community? If after main net , it could be too late. Now that domain is listed for sale. but next year, could be not available anymore, or the price is on the moon.
perhaps now it’s the good time to acquire this domain?

lehnberg @lehnberg Sep 11 23:27
$20k minimum offer for That is a few months of Yeastplume.

Yeastplume @yeastplume Sep 11 23:27
Chasing domain names is overrated

Gary Yu @garyyu Sep 11 23:28
could be 25k USD.

lehnberg @lehnberg Sep 11 23:28
I prefer a few months of yeastplume personally.

Ignotus Peverell @ignopeverell Sep 11 23:29
yes, Im ok with grin-*.org, including maybe for that

Gary Yu @garyyu Sep 11 23:30
can’t imagine Bitcoin had a domain like bitcoin-*.org, it’s a good chance is still available.

Ignotus Peverell @ignopeverell Sep 11 23:49
okay, so before we go down the well-trodden path of price discussion, anything more for this meeting?

Gary Yu @garyyu Sep 11 23:50
A formal official website? with good design.

hashmap @hashmap Sep 11 23:51
Why formal and official?:)

lehnberg @lehnberg Sep 11 23:51
@garyyu <- go for it!

lehnberg @lehnberg Sep 11 23:51
it feels very formal and official to me, updates are always welcomed

Gary Yu @garyyu Sep 11 23:51
means only ONE and well known.

Ignotus Peverell @ignopeverell Sep 11 23:52
@garyyu ah yes, we are going to restart discussion on that

Ignotus Peverell @ignopeverell Sep 11 23:52
I do think we need a less tech-oriented website for mainnet that has a simple message and simple links to download

Gary Yu @garyyu Sep 11 23:53
too ugly, only developer love it. We need one suitable for everybody.

lehnberg @lehnberg Sep 11 23:54
> too ugly, only developer love it. We need one suitable for everybody.
I do not disagree, but before we go out speaking to “everybody”, we need to get our story in line a bit. See this discussion:

Ignotus Peverell @ignopeverell Sep 11 23:55
okay, so maybe on action item would be start a new page one what would be a sketch for a more public-friendly website content

hashmap @hashmap Sep 11 23:55
A new coin with a sleek web site - red flag for many

Ignotus Peverell @ignopeverell Sep 11 23:55
perhaps a one or two-liner for the main page, couple parapgraphs for an about, something like that

lehnberg @lehnberg Sep 11 23:56
@ignopeverell I’d like us to figure out our Why / How / What before we start thinking about marketing / promo material for a wider audience

Michalis Kargakis @kargakis Sep 11 23:56
regarding the websites, it would be nice to have a single website with links for more advanced users to follow
instead of one for devs and one for everyone

Ignotus Peverell @ignopeverell Sep 11 23:56
@hashmap I am not sure I have a lot of hopes for sleekeness 😛

Gary Yu @garyyu Sep 11 23:57
@kargakis agree! only ONE and well known is important, simple but everything embedded.

Gary Yu @garyyu Sep 11 23:59
still want that, pretty short and nice domain.

Ignotus Peverell @ignopeverell 00:00
@garyyu heh heh, domain envy is a common affliction, but in the end it does not matter that much

hashmap @hashmap 00:04
Domain name is also attack surface

hashmap @hashmap 00:05
I fork grin, buy, profit!

Ignotus Peverell @ignopeverell 00:05
so would everyone prefer a single site with a more advanced section? or 2 sites?
like and

hashmap @hashmap 00:05
One is simpler

Michalis Kargakis @kargakis 00:06

lehnberg @lehnberg 00:06
One site is better than two

Ignotus Peverell @ignopeverell 00:06
I actually prefer two but that may be just me 😛

lehnberg @lehnberg 00:07
I dont feel strongly about it 🙂

John Tromp @tromp 00:07
one portal, possibly linking to another site

Mike Dallas @mcdallas 00:08
is legit?

Ignotus Peverell @ignopeverell 00:08
my thinking is that most developers and technically oriented people do not really give a ** about regular websites, they'll want to see why it's cool to them

hashmap @hashmap 00:08
Sounds like yahoo:)

Michalis Kargakis @kargakis 00:08
I want to be posting the same thing everywhere

lehnberg @lehnberg 00:08
@mcdallas it’s owned and managed by @0xb100d I believe
In a way, I am not sure we need to worry about marketing websites at this stage
At this stage in Grin’s life, we need more hands on deck to work on dev and the project itself, at least that is my feeling
If there’s a gap to fill in terms of explaining Grin to the layman / curious crypto enthusiast, it will be filled at some point regardless

Michalis Kargakis @kargakis 00:11
we would need to cater for both audiences I feel

lehnberg @lehnberg 00:11
The hype train has already left the station as well, so it’s not like we’re having issues with viral outreach given all the attention we’re seeing.
@kargakis we’re on T3 planning for T4 without a user friendly way to get started trying Grin out
If we had an inflow of curious users today, I am not sure we would be able to handle them

Michalis Kargakis @kargakis 00:13
and hashes and signatures

lehnberg @lehnberg 00:14
Of course, anyone in the community that wants to contribute with documentation, general writing, marketing messages - you can start this already today! Wiki is free to use

Ignotus Peverell @ignopeverell 00:15
@lehnberg I think we may want to anticipate a bit and try not to replicate the drama

lehnberg @lehnberg 00:17
I think we may want to anticipate a bit and try not to replicate the drama
Right, fair point. So then a basic placeholder site is a start. Managed via github that can be improved on independently I suppose. Even if I am not sure why that wouldn’t be able to be handled through the same site that we already have.

Ignotus Peverell @ignopeverell 00:18
that is the single site argument, which may be entirely valid

lehnberg @lehnberg 00:18
I’ve retracted and am now indifferent/neutral to a single or multiple site.

Ignotus Peverell @ignopeverell 00:19
alright, let's call this meeting officially over!
thanks everyone for attending and chiming in

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How about changing the name ? Grin sounds bad anyway.
Everytime I talk about it, I have to mention MimbleWimble for the guy to know what I’m talking about.
Maybe MimWimb, or MiWimb, or MiWiCoin ?

At first I was thinking, then I was smiling, then I was laughing, then I was shaking my head.

IMO, the main org address will be far more valuable than $25k if this project lives up to its potential.

How about changing the name ? Grin sounds bad anyway.

No, Grin is a great name. It is memorable.

Please buy no domain for 25K$. This money is better invested in devs and maybe some part in (public free) Grin infrastructure (and services).

Definitely against spending/raising community funds on vanity like domain names. Especially paying 12Kツ for one.

Personally I like


Is already bought? it’s a great domain, just use that!? I also agree with having one website. splintering off in different directions with sites leads to complicated maintenance, diverging designs, and worst of all confusion for the user who just wants to know that there’s one authority for info on grin. Keeping navigation clean on a deep site is just a design obstacle, and not an uncommon one.

You could verify that it is in fact bought and in use by simply visiting

Anybody who wants to can use it as the primary domain, it will always link to official grin site. It is a separate asset to other grim domains and forums just in case anything happens it is a decentralized point of failure. The @grinMW twitter links directly to for example.

yeah but why isn’t it used as the primary domain for the main grin marketing site instead of which is an inferior domain? if i google ‘grin coin’ it should bring up not is the top choice by far for the master domain.
Better than
Better than

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3 Likes sounds like the best option to me but I have which is also a good option. I would offer it, of course!

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