Grin landing page for marketing

Hi Guys,

I’ve just tried to build a small landing page
I did it because current got some disadvantages (from my point of view):

  • Hard to navigate information
  • Not friendly to new users
  • Some information seems not updated for long time
  • Request for changes takes time for validation.

I think this page could be used for marketing campaigns as I tried to simplify the goals and the technical poins. For the moment, I’m considering to run ppc Google ads to countries like Vietnam or India as the bid there still cheap.
My main purpose is to raise awareness to people about the superior of grin on both technique and monetary policy.
I bought this domain for 5 years, hope it stays long and get more attentions from crypto communities.
Feel free to suggest/correct information that should be updated in my page.



What a wonderful work!

It’s very refreshing to see community members contribute to Grin in their free time and the page definitely looks more appealing to the general population. Thanks for doing this.

Here are some of my suggestions:

  • Grin coin → Grin
  • typos: Gin project, Unlease, Sound interesting, @2023 (replace @ with ©)
  • I’m not sure I’d sell Grin as an investment opportunity as I don’t see it as such
  • I’m not sure a Contact Us section makes sense in the decentralized community. Might be better if we simply dropped the links to our communication channels.

Mimblewimble begins by combining all transactions in a given block into a single “transaction kernel.” This kernel includes a set of random numbers that represent the inputs and outputs of all the transactions in the block.

Kernel doesn’t include random number of inputs and outputs. Mimblewimble simply has the ability to combine all transactions in a single transaction so we can represent a block as just one transaction.

Next, Mimblewimble uses a process called “Confidential Transactions” to encrypt the transaction amounts in the kernel.

It doesn’t encrypt the amount in the kernel. Kernel has nothing to do with amounts really, in fact it has exactly 0 Grin.

Finally, Mimblewimble eliminates the need for addresses by using a set of random numbers as inputs and outputs in each transaction.

That’s also not technically correct. The reason you don’t need to add an address to an output is because the owner of the output creates the output and privately encodes the spending secret when they create that output.


I don’t think is more appropriate for micropayments than Bitcoin, layers on top of it will solve this.

  • Slate: A command-line wallet for Linux that is ideal for advanced users and developers.

I wouldn’t call grin-wallet a Slate. Slate is an object that is passed around which is common to all Grin wallets.

Btw, the FAQ section sometimes doesn’t show for me, not sure why.

Over time I’ve come to conclusion that the most unique feature of Grin is its monetary policy because it’s a different monetary experiment than everything else (as I tried to explain here). You can’t try this on Bitcoin, you need something entirely new and Grin is the first to have tried that. The fact it uses the best blockchain format is just a bonus.

Again, awesome work and thanks for putting in the time to design this.


Excellent work! Really beautiful. In FAQ “How do I join a Grin mining pool?” section you should correct the mining pools. Remove F2Pool, Sparkpool, and Miningpoolhub and add the following


Thanks for commenting, since i’m not an expert on technical part, i’ll correct one by one


Great work!
Given that the OC site has not updated funds for a number of years, it would be great if a dated graphic could be included to show the current wallet balances.
Also a link to useful YouTube videos could be useful, either on instructions for software, mining and/or hardware wallet use.

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Great job man, was see that design before. is not same?)

I used a template from themeforest, then did some modification. Basically I see that we need something new after several years…


Personal view. The video posted on I don’t think is the most appropriate. The title alone is misleading. Grin is NOT bitcoin 2.0 None of the developers or the grin founder(s) have claimed that. Tom Elvis Jedusor in the mimblewimble whitepaper just refers to bitcoin, wanting to describe the utility of mimblewimble which will prevent the blockchain from talking about user information.

I would suggest to have the interview of @lehnberg with some editing. He talks about grin technology, its usefulness, differences with other privacy coins, funding proposals, grin investment. I think that this interview and its simplicity will give a lot of answers to those who are really interested in grin. I don’t like DaVinci talking about grin in the posted video in, nor do several other bitcoiners. Sorry about that… Nevertheless once again a big thumbs up for the beautiful website you have created!


I agree with this, bitcoin is bitcoin, Grin is Grin, Grin is not bitcoin 2.0. there are many people who compare Grin to bitcoin 2.0, which can easily cause contempt from bitcoin fans. Also, when introducing Grin to newcomers by saying that it is Bitcoin 2.0, newcomers will feel that this is a form of self-aggrandizement, which is not conducive to newcomers’ acceptance.

Grin is Time Miner
Grin is Time Machine


Thanks for sharing. Honestly, I also thought about not comparing Grin to Bitcoin but I can not find any other eye-catching video or video which has much detailed info about the Grin history or influencers talked about Grin. That’s why I chose this video at the moment. In future, the video would be replaced once I had more time/finance to hire someone to make it with famous actors… Hopefully.

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I think the most distinguishing feature of grin is its supply schedule. I don’t know of any other project where

total_supply = network uptime in seconds

Even if the code was exactly the same as Bitcoin’s, it would still be an interesting monetary policy experiment.


Personally, I’m not a fan of the design of the website. As in, the style / theme. It looks like Beam which also looks like the style of every other Ethereum scam coin in existence.

Say what you will about the content on, but there is no other crypto project with these aesthetics and I think that is notable. This website stands out.

My first impression of Grin was a very good one partially because of this website and the uniqueness of it. Very simple, very clear. Made me want to learn more.


I like the style of but I think your style website will appeal more to the general population so it is a nice addition :grin:


For sure it’s needed to be done before