Grin to the moon

How to make big community about grin . Only Big community base can make Grin to moon. There are so many shit meme coinmarcketcap create history in crypto just because they have lot of supporter. We need to create an environment about grin.

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You’re in the environment, and Grin don’t swing that shitcoin way.

To be more precise, not a penny or Sat is spend on marketing. There is only funds available for developing the core, ecosystem and perhaps for providing good information/documentation.
But no one is stopping individuals from marketing, creating social media posts or playing the moonboy, so feel free to express yourself in whatever way.

For me personally the only permissible way to promote is via memes, and simply by sharing the information about Grin. I mean, anyone else found any other project with such simple and elegant solutions to privacy preservation, high throughput, high scalability, fair emission, strong security yet easy verifiability and long term security? I think there is nothing close to Grin in that respect. Grin does not need to be shilled, simply informing and stating the facts should be enough to at least peak any real crypto enthusiast’s interest.


For anyone who wants to know more why Grin is so unique, read the excellent documentation or find inspiration for “marketing material” here:


I have also been thinking about marketing lately. I am not saying I agree with what I am going to say but it is a possibility. If say 4-5 BTC were approved to be spent for marketing, paying youtubers just to talk about it (yes shilling) would create great interest and speed up adoption.

Now I am of the romantic view that Grin will become popular first and then youtubers will start talking about it.

One other thing re marketing. There are some x accounts tweeting about Grin which is great. However, popular crypo tweets are usually talking about updates ie new projects, features, news, developments etc. But Grin tweets just talk about what Grin is, not what is happening in the space. Not wanting to take away from the great effort people are making with the Grin tweets! Just an observation.

Feel free to donate 4-5 BTC to that effort from your own wallet :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
For both OC and CC there is a clear agreement on where funds should and should not be spend.
And both are very clear, no funding for speculation or marketing
The only kind of marketing funded is information such as newsletters or something that helps educate and inform the community objectively.

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I don’t think it would increase adoption, imo it would lure in people who likely want to get rich quick and after they wouldn’t (likely due to still high inflation) they would likely publicly start criticizing grin, so in the end i think youtube shillers would be the only one who would win here.

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There is a strong lobby here that has a habit of using inflation as an excuse for all shortcomings.

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Can you elaborat a bit @Osnard?
Inflation is used as an excuse for what and which shortcommings exactly?

Inflation is not a barrier to adoption, but rather a driving force.

Grin adoption has dropped from 10 factors to 2 in the last 5 years, and leaders always use the high inflation thesis to create a narrative. This is completely irresponsible and a lie told to the community.

The only barriers to GRIN adoption are the technical challenges that need to be addressed.

One can see only a falling inflation but magicly brutal decrease of GRIN adoption here. How did you able to manage that ?

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You cannot cheat an honest man.

Where do you see a “magical brutal decrease of adoption” of Grin? The Grin community is only growing. You probably confuse price with adoption, these are two completely separate things. One can invest a lot of fiat value in Grin while not using Grin apart from investing. At the same time, one can use Grin for transactions, run a node, active develop Grin or otherwise contribute without ever owning a large bag/value of Grin. In crypto you can easily find projects worth millions or even billions in market cap, and when you check…there are no or few nodes running the project😅.

I think you post falls in the category “Grin is dead” posts. Any project that has users, nodes and active development is far from dead IMO, but feel free to disagree.


I don’t want to say dead, but the use-case for crypto in general as a currency is ‘un-born’.

Currently crypto is used as a store of value, and to trade/gamble coins and nfts.

But, the use case for crypto as a currency will be born soon, mark my words! and when its born people will realise that their transactions are not private. This will be a ChatGPT moment for Grin :grin:

As I have said previously, my only worry is will Grin be ready for the coming demand, I hope so!