5 things you can do to save the GRIN 💖

  • make 0.1 GRIN transactions between your Grin ++ and your Ironbelly wallets
  • any GRINcoin transaction you made, counts
  • open a wallet to your family member or a person who you love, send them 1 GRIN, one day they will be grateful to you (2028 GRIN will be approximate 2,000 USD)
  • make a posts about GRIN, tweet, blog, or any social
  • talk about GRIN every day, everywhere

[ GRIN - Everything Counts ]


I agree most with these two. Never letting the word fade away and bringing new people in to talk about grin is the only way that leads to the success of grin.

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as a small member of this community who dont know coding i just try to contribute grin with following things
first i will start working on translating grin and MW whitepaper from Tom,andy,and igno to my native language
translate the whole github and grin.mw also participate in making translate for wallets
i also work in supporting grin news and events and also posting blog
i know not many people see but this is all i can do
then i may start learning code and see do i have the skills to become a good programmer for grin or no
i suggest you guys start learning it wont hurt