domain expiration

looks like igno forgot to pay the bill… send me IP so I can forward @lehnberg @yeastplume

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mirror of deployed @ /


Once again good job on this @madwax. Perhaps you could help @0xb100d do the same so that could point to the repo too?

I’ve contacted the domain name registrar and explained the situation, and asked whether they would consider a transfer to us now that the domain has expired. Let’s see how they respond, if at all.

Now imagine the Github repo being shut down because Grin is going against Microsoft’s “values” by “facilitating financing of terrorism” with its anonymity. Perhaps this is for the better after all, one less central point of failure now that the community is setting up their own instances of the page and a slight wake-up call or reminder for what we really are in this for.


@MerlinsBeard I don’t think much would happen if the repo would be shut down, we could migrate the code to another repo or another platform (such as GitLab), or even self host.

On the domain front, it would be a shame to lose all the valuable SEO ranking built up by forfeiting the domain completely without a redirect.

It would also open up for various scammers that could seize the domain and carry out attacks on the project, for example by cloning the /site repo, but editing the donation addresses to something other than what is in fact the general fund.

I’m personally keen to avoid this. So while I do encourage us as a community to both work out fall back solutions, and also to build and deploy more informational websites about Grin beyond the content of /site, I think we should in parallel also try to retain control of if at all possible.


You’re probably right. While it would be great to get the general public to learn to do their own research and not trust centralized sources of information like Google and Microsoft with Grin being the teacher of this principle, it is probably nothing more than a wet dream at this point and would only hurt Grin.

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@0xb100d would you consider setting up GitHub Pages from your own fork of mimblewimble/site with ‘’ configured as the custom domain in your GitHub account for the page? If you need any help, please let me know, and I can forward links to the relevant GitHub Pages docs for setting up custom domains.

I’ll take down the mirror @ once there is at least 1 official site up again, or if requested by any council members.

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It’s, not


My bad. Corrected in original post.


Quick update: contacted both the registrar and the registration service provider, offering to pay for the extension of the account (i.e. without a transfer), but to no avail.

Will try to get the domain when it expires, but realistically, the chances for that will be quite low.

In the meanwhile we’ll look to mitigate by moving to as was kindly offered above by @0xb100d.

Other ideas are welcomed.

Can we keep a list of current instances of the page in a markdown file in the repo? The repo will most likely not go anywhere so we can always point people to that list. This fucks with the SEO, but perhaps SEO is overrated.

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Does it mean someone took over the domain?

Meh, SEO…SmeshEO. The silver lining here is that the hyphen was a barrier to adoption. Bye Felicia!

@lehnberg I think this pull request would be easiest way for me to redirect to the github site without having to fork it myself.

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Great job. I’m taking the mirror of down, now that is pointing to the official mimblewimble/site repo hosted on Github Pages…


Yep, now resolves correctly

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is abandoned from now on and became the main website of the project?
I noticed and
still point to the empty site which may give visitors the wrong impression that the project is abandoned.


Definitely not abandoned, but it seems to be out of our hands for now.

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@grundkurs we’re trying to get back control of the old domain, but this will likely take another month or so at least. If this fails, it probably makes sense to fully transition to the new address, but in the meanwhile, I’m personally inclined to make as few changes as possible.

We’ll discuss the matter of the domain name in tomorrow’s governance meeting, you and others are welcome to participate:

just want to confirm the git site is pointed again to and i’ll change the dns back and leave it that way. @lehnberg