domain expiration

does not work for me and checking the DNS for it seems to be the same from anywhere (both OpenNIC and clearnet DNS).

Yes, looks like it broke yesterday, looking into it. should now work and stay working for foreseeable future!


Totally man, MW makes perfect sense. Now there’s three: Beam, Grin, and Bitgrin!!

I wonder if we should use subdomain for this forum like

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Probably just good that (if) this domain is managed by someone else. More decentralization and not all the stuff can disappear with one domain.


Thanks much for stepping up and working on this domain update! I actually like the domain name better than the lost one.


Found some sites still linking to grin tech dot org. FIXED FIXED
cudominer com/kb/grin-coin/
coin360 com/coin/grin-grin
news.ycombinator com/item?id=18820539
hackernoon com/grin-coin-the-private-and-lightweight-mimblewimble-implementation-a7c52319ef64

There’s also several pages here on grin-forum linking to the .org site

If we can change or remove as many links as possible it should make it harder for the .org site to appear in search results and pull off possible scams


Reached out to the linked sites above.

Not sure what the best solution for is. Can all links be changed at once or should each user search for posts and update?

Grin-tech now shilling auto trading…

cudominer com/kb/grin-coin/ AWARE
coin360 com/coin/grin-grin NO RESPONSE
news.ycombinator com/item?id=18820539 NO RESPONSE
hackernoon com/grin-coin-the-private-and-lightweight-mimblewimble-implementation-a7c52319ef64 AWARE
grin-forum org AWARE
sci.smithandcrown com/projects/grin
cryptonews com/coins/grin


HI. Good job.

We have a serious problem !!! GRIN can be seen as a scam

The site &grin&tech&org is everywhere.
mining pool
Android / Mac applications with cryptocurrencies
websites with project review

There have been so many possible outcomes to the issue and the worst possible became reality; where does the myriads of Scammers in the Crypto-Space come from? It’s like there’s a hole in the ground that imposters are constantly climbing out of.

Please, make the whole community update the GRIN website wherever possible , app FIXED
f2pool AWARE
sparkpool AWARE

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Ohhh, this is baaaad. :frowning:

Users that check the binary by confirming the hash and that it was signed by grin devs should be ok. Everyone else is trusting the site with the code which is bad

The domain takeover just made the news on One Minute Crypto.

after a few requests f2pool FIXED , sparkpool … waiting,… waiting

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hi, this is it. fixed, sparkpool will respond and fix


Really wish I had managed to snipe the domain…, have been distracted and feel badly.

Kudos to everyone reaching out and updating incorrect address wherever they come across it. That is the most important thing now.

oh my god, urgently contact the registrar, its no way to lose it!