URGENT: Forum moves to forum.grin.mw on FRIDAY

The bad news

The grin-forum.org domain is expiring on Jan 18 and we have no way of renewing the domain name, so we’ll likely lose it and it will end up the same way as grin-tech.org did [0].

The good news

We gotten access to the Discourse forum admin account, allowing us to move the forum to a new URL, which we’ll do on Friday January 17.

New forum domain

https://forum.grin.mw, from Fri Jan 17 if all goes according to plan.

If things do not go to plan, then we’ll use a back up URL, still tbd. Monitor https://grin.mw for the link if the forum ends up going down and you do not know which URL to visit.

[0] Cliff notes: Grin-tech.org domain expiration

Jan 16 edit: Clarifying plan and timelines


The forum has successfully moved to https://forum.grin.mw


Cheers to new home …!


Set up an HTTP 301 Moved Permanently from grin-forum to grin.mw, starting now.

Unfortunately we do not have access to the grin-forum.org domain.