Grin Community Miners - Making it happen!

From Vision to Realization, the mission to deliver a sustainable, robust mining operation for the community has been accomplished!

I’m sure I speak for many when I say I am a grateful Grinner.

We should take a target-block or five to reflect and commend the relentless efforts of @davidtavarez who spearheaded the setup, @mcm-mike who coordinated with Nhash, and the Community Council at large for green-lighting the increased Graphrate this will bring.

With CoinSwap just around the bend, more and more developers and passion-struck contributors joining daily, and with a bright yellow light in our hearts, I have never been more happy to say: The state of Grin is strong!

Here is a detailed breakdown (graphrate, payouts pending) of the operation. Both in the interest of transparency and community engagement, I appreciate Grinmint working quickly to make this available.

Please find attached pictures of the mission in motion. (Videos to be linked separately.)



Nice! Well done!

Does this facility support colocation of community member rigs? DM me if so. I would like to colocate some hashrate