Information (No fees, community-driven, four countries DE, USA, RU, BRA)

Dear Grin miners,

we are part of an independent institute working with future crypto-economics
and privacy technologies. The launch of our community-driven mining pool is unfortunately delayed.

But here is, what we can offer to serious Grin supporters or anyone that searches
a solid & trustworthy Grin mining pool and values stability, availability and
reliability, like we do.

What can you expect?

  • Fast connections, fewer downtimes, fresh patch levels, solid infrastructure
  • Fairness, transparency, focus on user satisfaction
  • No fees, no ads, no sketchy activity

Four server locations

  • USA (Microsoft Azure Cloud, Premium SKU, Wyoming)
  • Germany (1und1 IONOS Enterprise Cloud, Frankfurt, Germany)
  • Russia (MAROSNET Telecommunication, Moscow)
  • Brasil (Microsoft Azure Cloud, Premium SKU, Sao Paulo)

Our service

  • Payout: via EMail every 48 h (until new payment option is available)
  • We allow traffic from: VPN, TOR, I2P, public proxies

What we can’t offer currently

  • Stats on web-frontend (for the next 5 days), but stratum server reports
    the correct numbers
  • Auto payouts or self-service
  • Tested Windows Binaries, GUI wallet :slight_smile:

Direct support & contact in English and German

Gitter: GrinPool-Co/Support - Gitter
Github: The Project · GitHub


  • Each location is limited to 250 workers.
  • You receive the stratum addresses and ports number, with your account.
  • Any subject could be eligible. Please get in touch with us in case of questions.
  • General questions in this thread.
  • The stratum server ports will be available three hours before main net launch.
  • Applications for account preferred via E-Mail.

Thank you,


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