SendGrin - automating mining payouts - beta testers wanted

Hey everyone, I am building a collection of tools and services called SendGrin with the goal of making it seamless to receive grin from all the mining pools and exchanges to your own wallet. It includes a client that can interface between the wallet and various pools. Web services will include a free email for a dedicated email payouts and also a dynamic dns service for receiving direct HTTP payouts to your wallet from any service. I am looking for some beta testers interested in trying it out and giving feedback. Could especially use help testing it on Windows. If you are interested please drop your info here:

Current pools supported by the client are GrintMint and MWGrinPool. More will be added based on feedback. Web services are still being designed based on community feedback I have received so far. Site will be live at sendgrin[dot]org in the next day or so but for now please share comments/questions here and apply to help test via the Typeform link. Thanks!

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