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Grin (GRIN) Mining Pool
Different Pool Regions for Best Hashrate Experience

Central Europe (Germany):
North Europe (Finland):
North America (Canada):
Asia (HongKong):
SouthEast Asia (Singapore):

• Pool and Solo Mining
• No Registration Required
• We Pay Full Reward (block reward + tx fee + extra)
• Live Stream (You can follow your rigs through the site.)
• Earnings Estimation Based on Current Hashrate
• Per Rig Statistics
• Worker HashRate Charts
• E-Mail Alerts of Rig Down
• Fully compatible with NiceHash and MiningRigRentals
Configurable Minimal Payout

• Discord Channel:
• Telegram Channel: Telegram: Contact @HeroMinersPool
• Twitter:

How to Mine Grin (GRIN)? Complete Beginner’s Guide

Welcome & Happy Mining!
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Great work on the guide. Much appreciated!

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We are ready for the upcoming hardfork.

Grin v5.0.0 network upgrade (Hard Fork 4) will happen at block height #1048320 (Approximately January, 15)
What will change with the new Hardfork?

  1. Only slatepack addresses will be used. http(s) addresses are now disabled.
  2. C29 algorithm will be terminated. Only Cuckatoo algorithm (C32) family remains.

@herominers I just joined the Grin hero-miner pool and I thought, if I red it correctly, that payments would come automatically every hour with a minimum of 1 Grin. I now mined for 24h, found a block and have a “Current Payout Estimate: 13.397125 GRIN”. So my question is what is the threshold for payout since it appears to be higher than 1 Grin, even higher than 10?

Edit: Received first payout. I get it now, my earnings were still unconfirmed, therefore I had to wait for enough blocks to pass before getting my payout. Good to know herominer pool is working.

Your wallet must be online in order to receive payments.