Herominers closing Grin pool

Oh well, their claims of hourly payouts were bullshit anyway and I’m happier being on Grinmint


'‘Adoption’’ is going strong with GRIN :tada:
Crystal clear, everything is fine.


That is a pity. Herominers Grin pool worked great in the past, it was the first pool I mined Grin on back in the days.
In any case, thank you for your support of Grin as project @herominers over the years :pray: :yellow_heart: .

Of course we are sad to see the Herominers Grin pool come to an end but lets not forget to be thankful for @herominers supporting Grin with their time and effort, making Grin mining more decentralized, even though supporting Grin was most likely not a very profitable investment for them. We will not forget that support :pray: .


All gone, are some of the former supporters, grin why will go to this step, the community should reflect on the reflection, do not do a frog in the well

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Well, lets not get all doom and gloom, it is not like Grinners have no other pools to chose from :stuck_out_tongue:

Talking in metaphors, it is like the waxing of the moon, come and go, come and go. It is only natural than some supporters leave after a while while new ones come in. Herominers supported the project for nearly 4 years, I think that was a great support for the project and something we can all be thankful for. If @herominers has a specific problem or reason that made him decide to stop support for Grin as project, he can share it with use here, feedback is always appreciated. Perhaps if we tackle any specific problem that made him stop support for Grin, he might even decide one day to continue again support for the project. But you are right that it is good to listen and learn why they stopped support.


Recently moved to gaeapool, so far so good, withdrawing by slatepack quite quick.