Best Grin pool?

Hi I would like to ask if there is a grin pool which gives you a higher payout or stable pool?
I’m mining on but it gives me orphan blocks so no rewards mined from the pool.

I have gtx 1060, gtx 1070 and 1080ti.

I hope that you can recommend the best pool for small rig thanks.

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Are you mining C29 or C31 algo? For C29 IMHO Grinmint is OK, for C31 I chose MWgrinpool.

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DO you want to get the reward in GRIN or stable coin like BTC? PPS or PPLNS?

For C29 and C31 i m using sparkpool, what i found interesting is daily automatic payout to exchange sites (in GRIN)

I’m trying grinmint just now but the reported hashrate is not the same as the report on bminer? It seems that their stealing my hashrate? Im using c29 algo.

This is the common thing you can meet when mining Grrin.

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Get version 14 of bminer it has improved fidelity and you will find the numbers reported by the pool are closer to those reported by bminer.

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Already done but same result and the hashrate almost drop around 40% to 50% what happen? Its just happen few hours ago the hashrate is not stable as fast few days.

give it a try:

I would say stick to grinmint pool. They charge 2% fees but they are good for C29 mining

MWGrinpool is also good enough, I can’t see a single reason to stay at Grinmint… In addition grinmint often shows wrong hahsrate numbers.

I had tried grin-pool and grin mint. payouts at grin-pool are getting failed and they are not giving them back. That’s why i chose grinmint.

Since January 27th I’m mining on f2pool c29 and i have stable ~10%+
Bminer 15 gives me 27g/s on f2pool i get 30 - 31g/s.

Hi, in some cases failed payments (e.g. receiving node is offline) are not cancelled automatically. Just ping me in any of the pool’s channels (Telegram, Discord, Twitter, Gitter, Keybase, or even email) and I’ll do it manually.

In my opinion all three of grinmint, mwgrinpool and are fine choices that have 0% (mwgrinpool and grin-pool) and/or give back to the grin developers (grinmint and grin-pool)

Regarding the orphans that another user mentioned… yeah we had some pretty unlucky days. But in the end math always does its magic and it averages out, so today all of us mining on the pool were very happy with today’s results:


The reward is 60 grin per block or it depends on your hashrate?
Sorry I am new here, just mining 2 days. Found only 1 block that was orphan :frowning:

**edit… ok I recently found 1 block & get rewarded 0,054 grin.
That pretty much sucks. I was thinking it will make at least 0,1- 0,5 grin per block.

I was facing some issues earlier. But yes I had contacted you over telegram and it was resolved but you guys should also enable file withdrawals. Some exchanges are accepting deposits via file method only. one of the name is Bittrex. My issue with Grin-pool was solved, thanks to hendi.