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MWGrinPool - a Grin Mining Pool - will provide a fair platform where the Grin mining community can combine mining resources to secure the Grin blockchain and fairly share the coinbase rewards based on each miners contribution.

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really like your guides. going to have a further look at it over the coming week

@notguilty I followed your guide, Thank you very easy to follow. I am however having a problem. I get to step 4 where I need to run and verify its running and when I run ./target/release/grin-miner, it tells me no such file or directory. Im new at this so any help appreciated. Everything else has ran fine and this is the one thing where I am now hung up. Did I miss a step or something?

I see some strange thing… My C29 hashrate should be 8.5, and at it was about that value on the average (even more than 8.5 at the pool side), but at MWGrinPool the same rig shows only about 2.5 gps.

For C31 hashrate the situation is just the opposite. MWGrinPool shows approximately what I expect to see, unlike

We noticed that some pool computes the wrong hash rate of C31 by mistake.

This pool do not provide TXID. I have lost coins on Bitforex cause i cant just fill out the FORM with the txid so they can identify my coins.

^ Macciv we are adding the txid’s right now. Should be up momentarily.

Will appear on the Payout Menu on the pool?

Thanks for feedback.

Yes it should be there now.

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Solved. Coins already been credited.

Thanks for the support.

Best of luck.

Can I send my Grin coins to Hotbit from this pool? If yes, then how?

Yes there is an example on the payments page:



But my 12 Grin has successfully reached Hotbit. :sunglasses:

How can I configure different rigs with different rignames? How can I assign different names of workers in Bminer, for example?

For this pool you will need to make new accounts for each worker if you want to view stats of individual rigs at pool level. It does not yet support multiple workers per account (it will record the shares submitted, but will sometimes attribute shares to other rigs submitting to the same account). There is no share-loss from submitting work from multiple rigs to same account but if you want to track hashrate of individual rigs you will need to make separate accounts for each rig/worker. For mining software just set the username to your mwgrinpool account name.

My average GPS is consistently reported about 30-40% lower on the pool than is reported by grin-miner. Is that to be expected?

I’m afraid this is the situation on all existing pools. Some of them just shows more or less acceptable graphrate. I prefer MWGrinPool for this reason.

If you’re mining C31 with a 1080Ti or 2080Ti, then the lower reported GPS is due to the pool assuming fidelity 1, whereas grin-miner currently only has fidelity ~ 0.7 A fix is in the works…

Ah thanks for the info. So when the fix is released, we’re likely to see a decrease in GPS reported by grin-miner?

I already mentioned that possibility in

Also, of the 2x31 = 62 bits representing the two endpoints of an edge, you don’t need to store the 12 bits that determine one of the 64x64 buckets that it ends up in.