Very cool pool,!

They just started using the new symbol, ツ in bold yellow! Yay!

Also, they provide detailed stats about the number of C39 and C31 solutions found over the last 5min, 10min, 30min and 1h and the latest 10 solutions. It make it easy to verify that the miner and the pool are working correctly.

No fee. No email address needed.

It is operated by a company registered in Germany. You can easy find an address, a registration number, a name: that’s no so common.

My favorite feature is that I can see my share of the reward for each block found. Not just a delayed total like other pools.

I don’t know them personally, I just thought they deserved a shout-out!


yeah they’re awesome indeed, it’s my fav grin pool as well

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Would love to contribute to a smaller pool (mining on Grinmint atm), waiting for a US server from grin-pool.

It’s already there,

I’m in. Grin-Pool! I like your 0% fee. :wink:

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I agree 100%, i think they are making a much better effort than Grinmint, when it comes to transparency.

I would like to appeal to everyone reading this, to give them a try. Let’s get their hash-rate up a little!

Proud miner here :smiley:
Great pool, I must write.
European miners unite and join us, so we can speed up the hashrate of this lucky baby. Ditch the chinese servers and come home :slight_smile: , tomorrow 07.02 - 12pm… Just do it. F2pool failed me more than once- connection and difficulty issues, false hashrate - just my personal experience, its not hate :smiley:
Oh and btw payouts to Kucoin https address works ,… and I’m not affiliated with the pool if anyone wonders, just happy with it

I have 0 rejected shared on this pool. But the dashboard has a bug. it doubles my real graphrate. It is showing 2.24 on the graph, but my rtx 2070 makes on 31 1.12gps.

After a while everything looks ok. AMD Phenom II @ 1.6 GHz 0.75V + RTX 2070 @ 125 Watt = 1.12 GPS