Niagara Falls Into Grinmint – BlockCypher Blog

TL;DR . We added significant infrastructure to Grinmint and are inviting more hash power; we are committed to provide the most transparent and accurate mining pool; we are raising pool fees to 2% with an additional 0.5% for the Grin Project.


Thank you for the service and also the great write up!
It’s extremely interesting to see what happens behind the scenes. Setting up a mining pool doesn’t appear as easy as it’s seems.
I also think the pool fee makes sense and the extra fee to the devs is an awesome gesture. Everyone wants the project to succeed.


Nope. I left Grinmint. 2.5% is too much nowadays.

In the end it comes down to the payouts.
If the payouts are bigger than other pools, I will stay.
If the payouts are on par with other pools, I will choose the pool which offers more features.
And grinmint does not have than many features…

What features would you like? We welcome feature requests!

please improve the workers details, it looks like you report C31 in increments of 0.28 GPS

so it usually displays 0 or 0.28 or 0.56 or 0.84 etc…, i hope you are not rounding down our work. I assume you are keeping track of the real numbers. If my miner is working at 0.3076gps why report 0.28gps ? Or is that all I am credit for? (better reporting will make it easier to spot dead miners, because when i see Zero reported, i wonder if it’s really dead, or did not make the 0.28 threshold) (also use another decimal place or two if you can)

also on the wishlist , with every block found, report my share of grin for that block and also perhaps the luck %

BTW - thanks for the grincon videos, am enjoying them thoroughly!


@ catnic

Could you find someone to address my above questions?

Where did you leave to?

I’m an now. But it seems that MWGrinpool will not close and will continue to work.

I think the correct way to fix this would be for us to implement vardiff. This is on our roadmap.

Thank you for addressing this, could you explain why it is behaving the way it behaves now? Please explain it for the simple man,

Hi @babaji it’s because we compute the hashrate with the following formula:
where T=600 seconds (10 minutes), D=4 (min difficulty) and N number of shares submitted in these 10 minutes.
Which mean each increment is by 0.28 (4*42/600).