Mining experience

Hello guys,

i just started to mine some grin coins wit my geforce 1060 first of all for testing. I have some good 3 GPS with bminer, but at my balance is 0.000000000 ツ
calculated with whattomine i should at least get 0.088 grin per day.
so i was running my card maybe for 5-6 hours dont know. is this not long enough to get results shown or is something wrong with my bminer bat config?

thanks for help if you can

Grin-pool is a great but small community pool. It has less than 300 users/miners and a low percentage of the total grin hashrate (C29 and C31) --> As you can see, the last block they found was 16 hours ago. If you weren’t mining before that, you can’t have some of the block reward (60 grin)! Also, even though the pool is smaller, you should still get in average 0.088 grin per day but in bigger chunks and less frequently!
If ever you want a bigger pool, I suggest Grinmint because they, like grin-pool, donate a percentage of its pool proceeds to the Grin developer team!

exactly, if the pool does not find a block over the time you was mining with the pool, your part of the 0 block reward is 0 :slight_smile:

I’ve been mining since 16th of Jan with and back then the difficulty was lower and it was easier to mine some blocks, as more people join the payout will become more frequent again (we had 1000 miners on the pool before)
So keep mining and you’ll be rewarded more than 0.088 grin soon :grin:

ok guys thx for help. i just made a new account at f2pool and now its working much better, its show immediately my mined balance :smiley:

I’m pretty sure F2pool has a minimum withdraw of 5 grin which will take you about 60 days to mine (you said your gps was 0.088) at this current difficulty level (and I am quite confident it will keep going up). Once again, try considering Grinmint, there is no minimum payout and you are supporting the grin development team !

well i wasnt planing to mine the whole time only with this card. and i am indeed interested in also testing some other pools but honestly i dont know how to set the grinmint wallet correctly and get it running atm

f2pool will keep your grin, if you never reach a total of 5!
If you need help setting up a node/wallet:
And using bminer for