Grin mining for noobs

Hi guys, a noob here asking what is probably an obvious question…

Can someone please post detailed instructions on how to mine Grin?

In Version 5.0, with the recent hard fork, I see a massive drop in mining graph rate in the network, and I would like to contribute to raising it back up. I have access to NVIDIA V100, A100, RTX, etc.

Why would mining grin? To sell or hold?

I am long time holder…no sense in selling grin at $0.30.

Mining ETH and every day change it to GRIN that is better solution.

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If you want to mine Grin here are some starter guides:

2miners mining pool:

herominer mining pool:


What you need to mine is:

  1. is a wallet to be online, either the official grin-wallet (Rust implementation) or Grin ++ (C++ implementation)
  2. A high end video-cards with a lot of SRAM. Grin’s cuckoo cycle mining algorithm is low on power usage but heavily depends on SRAM for its performance, hence only with high end video-cards such as RTX series, it is worthwhile to mine.

You can use Gminer for NVidea, Bminer for AMD, or Lol Miner for both. I
personally use Gminer with NVidea cards. Most links above give instructions for mining for all three mining softwares.
Good luck mining :grin:

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Thanks for the links to the mining pools. The one on 2Miners was very good, although a bit confusing in some parts, with the address etc.

What mining cards do you guys recommend? I might get access soon to NVDA V100 or A100, but those are expensive cards for deep learning, plenty of memory though.

hi there, wouldn’t the transaction costs of exchanging ETH cut too much into the mining profit?

Any idea what the profit might be at this point, given the network hash rate? I am expecting a mining cost of $0.15 per coin versus a market price of around $0.30 to $0.40, which is not bad.

how many and with which cards you mining?

I don’t have them yet. I am looking at getting a V100 (for a machine learning project) or A100 possibly. But for mining, I think I better go with a less expensive card.

Here u are:

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Thanks, guys. Really useful guides and examples.

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What mining pools are y’all using?

Grinmint is my suggestion. The operator is involved with the project and is very fast to update the pool

Same here, I use Grinmint for joined mining as well as heromining pool for solo mining.
Both work fine for me.

I’m curious, why are you using a pool for solo mining Grin?

Because it is more work to set up solo mining without :stuck_out_tongue:
In this case it just required me to put “solo:” in front of my address, so very little work indeed to switch between pool and solo mining.
Basically if I would find a nice tutorial on how to do real solo mining, I would do so.