How many coins have you mined for a day?

Hello, guys!

I want to make some comparison if I am mining the same quantity of coins as you are.

For almost a day of mining, my immature balance is 6.5 coins, which I think is super small. I am mining with 65 gps.

What do you think?

What gpus are you using ?

a rig with 1080TI, one with 1080, one with 1070TI and one with RX580

I mined more or less the same

Don’t you think it’s quite low? :confused:

On 2 x 1070 after 20 hours I have 0.57 grin. It’s a joke. ‘Low’ is an understatement. A complete waste of time and wear on my GPU’s would be a better description. If it doesn’t improve I’m switching off tonight.

Ah, okay, I am not the only one that thinks this is “Low”… :smiley:

Grins are going to need to be about £5 at this rate
so much for new coin low difficulty, When i checked the difficulty had dropped instead of rising ?
was it set high to start with to stop pioneers cashing in?

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Was thinking the same thing - diff was looking too big for a “starting coin”.

Yeh, I busted a gut trying to get this thing set up for starting on block 1 , testing on the testnet and stalking lots forums for help/info trying various miner releases.
6 AMD Vegas 2.7 GPS each (very undervolted total 700wats)
total hasrate 14
total shares 21354 (18 hours worth)
have no idea if this is good or not
imature ballance on pool is 1.6 GRIN but pool is lagging so I could have 100’s for all i know.
and all this without a working wallet because attempts at UBUNTU wallet not working.

Once you start seeing your work relative to the entire network, it suddenly makes sense. While it is true we are not quite at the average one minute blocks yet it does not matter too much. You can only mine more by either raising your amount of work or lowering everyone else´s. In benefit of the network I´d suggest the former.
(your work / network * grin = your grin)

There is something fishy in this whole thing, take a look at the top 10 miners in grinmith:

1 4538.03
2 1619.94
3 1519.84
4 1413.51
5 1404.06
6 1093.26
7 1014.02
8 990.5
9 978.18
10 863.94

What the actual hell? Only the first one should have like 900 cards 1080ti?
Something’s not looking right.

Agreed, difficulty in the beginning was set way too high, probably to allow everyone to jump on to the same block with enough time difference to build the nodes etc.
The discord had at least 1200 active members at the genesis block, many more I suspect in other channels. We had 4 pools, most of which are still trying to get their sh*t together, 3-4 operating systems, 4-5 mining software, overloaded stratum servers, MRR offering rigs to rent, and some farms(?) with ~3000gps jumping on the bandwagon… I could go on…
The point is, if this is not for you, then maybe it’s time to move on; no bad feelings. More things are about to go wrong, and as long as the developers are active and fix them, I’m ok with that.
Don’t get me wrong, my gps is ~10, and I keep fighting to keep the rig online, jump stratums when they fail etc. Some people’s hell is other people’s vacation.


Things go wrong. We all know that. But let us not over complicate things. The difficulty needs to change.

Diff is only going higher. Don’t think it will go down.

I have mined about 1 GRIN so far. It’s cool to be among the early miners. But yeah, the difficulty is pretty high.

The high difficulty is a reflection of the massive number of miners on the network. Saying, “difficulty needs to go down” is like saying, “people need to move out of my city.”

Yes, it’s crowded, but you can’t just tell other people what to do and hope to be happy that way. You control what you do, and others choose what they do. Some big players have chosen Grin.


Hello. Which pool/site do you use?
I am using F2pool, is that a good option?
Thanks for answear!

Using grinmint, since it has finally stabilized I am showing .5 grin since I started mining, through all of the pool downtime. Single 1070.

Interestingly enough, I’ve mined 15 coins for a day with 4x1080TI, 4x1070TI, 3x1080 which is not bad.

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