Expected GRIN to be made?

Hi, I have a PC with the following specs:
Windows 10 Home 64-bit
Ryzen 7 Processor Type
3.7 GHz Processor Speed
8 Processor Cores
16 GB DDR4 2400 RAM Size
7200 rpm Hard Drive speed
NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 TI Graphics Card

Is it possible for me to make at least 1 GRIN everyday with this set-up? Thanks!

At the moment, yes it’s possible.

I am also using NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 TI Graphics Card, and I saw average 6.15 GPS on my miner.
But I get about 0.5 grin per a day.
What am I supposed to do? I am using mwgrinpool.

Switch to c31, you should make around 2 or 3 Grin a day

2-3 grin a day on c31 may be wishful thinking with the current network conditions, it’s closer to 1.5 for me at the moment.

yup around 1,4 actually for a 2080ti should be less than one at the beginning of next Week though at this expansion rate :wink:

Thank you. I will try it.

1-3 Grin per day is a dream with single 2080 Ti now.
Now it´s around 0,5 Grin per day. Will it decrease even more?

Hello Guys,

I need someone to confirm my GRIN mining calculation.

If I mine with 6*GTX 1070 rig I should have about 15 GPS (Github Info table). If I have 15 GPS on C29 the calculator on Grinmint.com tells me I will get 0,6 GRIN per day. Are these Infos correct?

I’m, to lazy to check your point math but something to keep in mind is that hashrate isn’t stable yet https://poolexplorer.com/coin/6631

The hash rate high on feb 24 was double the low on mar 7

Grinmint by showing only 1 days worth of data is potentially misleading for someone building a mining rig rather then the shitcoin gpu renting that the daily charts would be more useful for.

Well, I dont need the exact numbers. Is it around 0,4 to 1 Grin per day with 15 GPS on C29 or is this totally wrong?

I calculated first (Your GPS / Network GPS) x 86400
When I go on https://grin.blockscan.com/ for example it shows around 185000 GPS Network Power. Then I would get around 7 GRIN per day. On the other website the calculator tells me 0,5 or 0,6 GRIN per day. So thats why I am confused

Can someone please clarify?