Grin mining on Coinmine... soon?

I’ve got a pre-order for Coinmine and looking forward to mining Grin once it finally ships (along with other features it provides). February is the current estimate I received, but I’m curious if there’s any info out there to shed light on what to expect performance wise?

My biggest question is whether c29 or c31 will be mined with the RX580 8GB. Its Linux-flavored OS and AMD GPU points to the possibility it may be c31… :crossed_fingers:

Maybe @coinmine could chime in on any information that can be made public on progress so far? :wink:

Hey Dan,

As of now in testing, we’ve been doing c29 at around 1.3 - 1.5 gps on grinmint. We haven’t done any overclocking or tuning for the miner yet, but that’s because we wanted to get mining grin as stable as we could.

  • Adam
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