Which Linux miner is currently best for G29?

Shocked to see G29 is now much more profitable than G31…

Hello mingdao,

no, C29 is still less profitable… go see this post:

if you take RX VEGA, for instance (I use those), you have:
C29 - 2.85 GPS - 0.098 GRIN/DAY
C31 - 0.41 GPS - 0.120 GRIN/DAY
according to grin-pool.org

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PS - for C31 use MinerBabe’s KBMiner, for C29 i still go with Grin-Miner…

Bad advice is to use Minerbabe with it’s greedy 3% fee. I heard that HiveOS is the best choice in this sense.

I use both, i didn’t heard!
MinerBabe charges 3% but delivers +90% fold increase in GraphRate for AMD Cards,

RX VEGA on HiveOS (GrinMiner) - 0.160 GPS
RX VEGA on MinerBabe (KBMiner) - 0.440 GPS

RX 480 on HiveOS (GrinMiner) - 0.105 GPS
RX 480 on MinerBabe (KBMiner) - 0.200 GPS


3% is a good price to pay, in my opinion.