How to make a better miner for C31 algorithm on 2080Ti card?

welcome to discuss how to make a better miner for 2080Ti card, since 2080Ti card have a Turing Architecture and best performance for C31 algorithm.

also if you are building a better miner than the official one, personally we would like to give out some bounty if you can open source it to the public. we will give out some GRIN for the open source movement!the benchmark for 2080Ti on C31 is 1.7 GPS.

so based 1.7GPS, any party can make it better, are welcome to claim the bounty.
10% improvement,we will give out 1000 Grin coin
20% improvement, we will give out 2000 Grin coin
30% improvement, we will give out 3000 Grin coin
40% improvement, we will give out 4000 Grini coin
50% or more than 50% improvement, we will give out 5000 Grin coin.

the deadline time is 23rd February 2019 and for the reward it’s First Come First Serve.

happy mining and happy graphing!

That benchmark may be lying, with real gps of this card at around 1.19-1.25 gps. See Best GPU for mining Grin for a little more details

What you are saying is, the grin-miner software reports 1.7 gps for a 2080 ti, but it really only mines at 1.19-1.25 gps?

It is only an assumption right now, based on @tromp words about solver for c31 RTX having 0.7 fidelity instead of 0.99-1.
Testing on pools to get real values is hard because for one card it varies wildly, and I don’t have many.

That would be right in line with my findings, i have 4 of these cards, and i have ran them all over the place at many different pools. I was never getting my expected hash-rate I thought i was getting ripped off.

my amd cards rx570’s and rx560’s seem to get what the grin miner promises most of the time.

seems bminer release a Version but still not support C31 algorithm…

let’s wait for a better miner for C31 algorithm…

Is there any miner for the C31 atm?

Grin-miner supports C31.

Forgot to mention “for windows”. I see that Grin-miner is for linux.

seems no windows miner for C31 now?

Do you want to run it on windows on Linux. I think our team can manage to get some % out of it on Linux

See Experimental higher-fidelity C31 in 10.5 GB for fixed high fidelity C31 miner

thanks for the updates! that’s really great, will test it on the 10 2080Ti card rig soon…