What's the best miner for C31 algorithm?

let’s update what’s the best miner for C31 algorithm?

right now, i am running official C31 miner for 2080Ti card, i am running 10 cards, and getting 17GPS for C31 algorithm.

please post your C31rig speed and miners you are running.

that is crazy speed for 2080Ti.

No that’s a good speed for that great card. I think grin-miner is the only one for C31. I am getting 7gps with 12 1080ti.

seems not many people are working on the C31algorithm miners and do not have too much optimization around that? C29 miners already have a 30% improvement compared that official miner.

At what clocks are you getting 1.7 gps? I can see only 1.64 in Minerbabe dashboard, and it seems that overclocking gives no any result.

@robbie kbminer, which is implemented in Minerbabe, is C31 miner too, both form AMD and Nvidia GPUs.

i am get 17GPS on 10 2080Ti card right now.

using the official Linux C31 miner

Are those confirmed by a pool, or do you see something like 12 GPS poolside?

Just checked minerbabe.But 3% fee.And the hashrate is not that optimized.They say 0,551for a 1080ti.
I get with grin-miner 0,575. So still going with grin-miner.

True, Minerbabe will come with an update. i am sure of it. The 1080Ti can get 0.9/1.0 GPS with C31. I see so many things that can improve the miner software. I’m currently working with a friend to create a miner. And it is already faster then Minerbabe. We still face some issue’s with the software. But we are working on it

I’m using MinerBabe for my Titan RTX. I’m getting 1,4 GPS with 120/500 TDP 70.
I don’t like the concept of this Miner os an the fees a very high. Is there a different Miner i can use?

hmm no, 1080 Ti can only get 0.52 GPS.

Currently getting (on C31) ~1.7GPS on my 2080tis and ~0.4GPS on my 1080tis

Sure. Just install Linux, compile grin-miner and here you go.

Guys, what is the best OS for official grin-miner? Should I install Nvidia driver on it?

I use smos and have average like 6,95/7gps. So 6,95 / 12 = 0.579 per card.
Maybe the difference is because there are many types of 1080ti.
I have the Asus turbo 1080ti which has 11,1xx gb.
There are aftermarket 1080ti with 10,8gb and they still offer it as a 11gb.
And c31 is a memory needed algo, so every mb is a extra mb.
Wait till next year with c32…It needs 22GB.
Thats why I will not recommend the whoah 16gb sapphire. You will fall in between.Can mine c31 but not the coming c32.

Hi dollebrekel (dutch?)

Do you mean that minerbabe gives now 0,9 / 1gps for 1 1080ti?
On their website it says that it does 0,551 for a 1080ti.

A fix is in the works to make even 10.8 GB work with high fidelity. It’s just hampered by me travelling these days…


No not on minerbabe. Someone I know is working on a miner. And I’m testing it. And on C31 I get 0,9. But he face some stability with the miner software. And I think the number will drop when it is stable. But we will see.

Yes I’m dutch btw

HI tromp, we had the issue with out of memory because smos uses 5mb for graphic interface. They changed that last week and the whole memory is avaible for the card. Do you have a idea about c32, when that is coming? Thanks, save journey to San Diego and good luck

Groetjes, Robbert

Hoi Dollebrekel,

Thats very cool man.
Do you have a github for the release when its stable or time frame? Or can i test it?
I am also dutch and great to see that there a many dutchies busy with grin.( On discord,telegram and on different fora.
Groetjes, Robbert