KBminer v1.2.0 release,Higher GPS, Higher earnings(GRIN):

KBMiner is one of the fastest AMD and Nvidia miner to mining Grin and AE(aeternity) , especially on AMD cards.
KBMiner was developed by the Minerbabe team and is available for download and use.

The Minerbabe team developed Minerbabe OS, a professional GPU mining system that has been run on more than 30,000 rigs, it is easy to use, stable, feature-rich and free.

Supported algorithms

  • Cuckaroo29(Grin) (Both AMD/Nvidia, 4G+ VRAM)
  • Cuckatoo31 (Grin) (Both AMD/Nvidia, 8G+ VRAM)
  • Cuckoo29 (Aeternity) (Both AMD/Nvidia, 4G+ VRAM)


KBMiner v1.2.0(Latest)

  • The performance of Cuckatoo 31 has increased by 200%.

KBMiner v1.1.1(Latest)

  • Add Aeternity(both AMD and Nvidia are avalible).
  • Improve the performance of grin-cuckaroo29.


Download from Github release https://github.com/mcarloai/minerbabe-kbminer/releases


Note: “-” means that the card is not supported; “…” means that the value has not been measured.

GPU Grin Cuckatoo29(GPS) Grin Cuckatoo31(GPS) AE Cuckoo29(GPS)
AMD_380_4G/8G 1.46 - 1.67
AMD_560_4G/8G 0.88 - 1.05
AMD_390_4G 2.04 - 2.25
AMD_390_8G 2.04 0.40 2.25
AMD_570_4G 1.79 - 1.75
AMD_570_8G 1.79 0.41 1.75
AMD_580_4G 1.91 - 2.23
AMD_580_8G 1.91 0.178 2.23
AMD_Vega64_8G 4.06 0.95 4.48
NVIDIA_1060_6G 3.0 - 3.08
NVIDIA_1070_8G 4.5 0.76 4.45
NVIDIA_1070Ti_8G 0.380
NVIDIA_1080_8G 4.9 0.339 5.05
NVIDIA_1080Ti_11G 7.05 1.55 7.0
NVIDIA_2080_8G 0.69
NVIDIA_2080Ti_11G 1.7


  • KBminer supports mining Grin with 2% of devfee, half of which is for Grin Team.
  • KBminer supports mining AE with 1% of devfee.


  1. KBminer is available for download and use. url: https://github.com/mcarloai/minerbabe-kbminer/releases
  2. Find the script file for this coin.
  • Grin29: run_grin29.sh
  • Grin31: run_grin31.sh
  • AE: run_ae.sh
  1. Change the address and account information in the script.
  2. Run the script and start mining.

Github: https://github.com/mcarloai/minerbabe-kbminer
Join our telegram group:https://t.me/joinchat/Kh4-K1JgqDIzOeqzX9HCxA


Hello. What suggestions do you have to get a 1070 to 4.5?

Are you using minerbabe?

Im running the most recent version of KBMiner but using SMOS

Here is some data about 2080Ti performance on AE:

And then this rig has restarted. That’s because of weak PSU maybe, I’ll replace it right now.

p.s. you need to install ocl-icd-opencl-dev package first.

You can join our telegram group and have our technicians check it for you:Telegram: Join Group Chat

You can join our telegram group and have our technicians check it for you:Telegram: Join Group Chat

The reason was PSU, now with ExeGate SHP1700 PSU the rig is stable. 8,625 GPS on average per each 2080Ti card.

But it can’t work stable for hours and days… :expressionless:

I like the Aeternity logo & name, because it reminds me of Autechre.
Not sure what this project is about, but I think I should be interested.

And more or less profitable. But it seems that GPUs are consuming a bit more power on AE comparing to C31…

Have you tried to mine Zilliqa?
I think they are not so hard at the power consumption, because the mining process lasts only few hours per day.

Minerbabe is a professional GPU mining OS,Please visit our website: https://en.minerbabe.com/pc.html#/

Maybe we can help you with that,You can join our telegram group :Telegram: Join Group Chat

I’m already there. And I have even talked to your guys.

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Ok, if you have any questions, please contact us by Telegram or email.

It is going to be available also a Windows version of Kbiner somewhere in the future or it will be dedicated only to Linux ? Thanks.

1.55 GPS on C31 with gtx 1080 Ti is a good score.
But why is there only 1.7 GPS with 2080 Ti? Not a big gap between these cards (but the price gap is painful).
The Bminer claimed 2.2 G/s on GTX 2080ti & 1.3 G/s on GTX 1080 Ti, which is worse for 1080Ti, but much better for 2080Ti.
So, which miner do you guys prefer? Thanks.

Sure BMiner. )) 20 characters though!

Yes, but I can’t tell you the exact online time right now.:grinning:

Minerbabe supports both kbminer and bminer, and you can choose the more Gps one.Please visit our website: https://en.minerbabe.com/pc.html#/ for product experience.

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