KBMiner v1.0.1 release: great performance improvement of cuckaroo 29

KBMiner v1.0.1 has released, great performance improvement of Cuckaroo29.

This version is specially optimized for the nvidia P106/1060 graphics card, which should be the fastest miner for these cards at present.

The dev fee is reduced to 2%, half of which is for Grin Developers.

  • Cuckaroo 29
AMD 380 4G/8G 1.17
AMD 560 4G/8G 0.81
AMD 390 4G/8G 1.52
AMD 570 4G/8G 1.70
AMD Vega 64 8G 3.53
NVIDIA 1050Ti 4G 1.4
NVIDIA 1060 6G 3.3
NVIDIA 1070 8G 4.8
NVIDIA 1080 8G 5.2
NVIDIA 1080Ti 11G 7.35


  1. We will release a standalone KBMiner, which can work without minerbabe, in 1-2 weeks.
  2. We will improve the performance of Cuckatoo 31+ later.

More information and download links:
See the topic: https://forum.grin.mw/t/miner-for-amd-nvidia-4g-6g-8g-10g-gpu-from-minerbabe/2184


Hi @jie,

I have the v4.15 OS, with the v0.7.0 KBminer, how do I Upgrade, where can I Download the v1.0.1 from?
I Can’t seam to find it from the original post, and the OS version from the site is the v4.15, same as mine…

Choose the new version in group config pannel.

Last version is still 0.7.0

around 7 GPS @ 1080Ti on Bminer 15.0
KBMiner is out of date.