Bminer 15.7.6 Fix Cuckaroo29d on RTX-series cards

Bminer is a highly optimized cryptocurrency miner that runs on modern AMD / NVIDIA GPUs. Bminer is one of the fastest publicly available miners today – we use various techniques including tiling and pipelining to realize the full potentials of the hardware.



  • Fix the regression that the Cuckaroo29d miner fails to start on RTX-series cards.


  • Improve the performance of the miner of Cuckatoo31.
  • Increase the dynamic ranges of -intensity for older machines to fully utilize the GPUs (at the cost of a slight performance loss). please setting -intensity from 0 and increase the number if it’s stable.


  • Improve the performance of Cuckaroo29d / Aeternity.
  • Support 4GB cards for Cuckaroo29d.
  • Fix the regression that the Cuckaroo29d miner fails to start on Windows.
  • Improve the performance of the Cuckaroo29d miner.


  • Improve the stability of the Cuckaroo29d miner.
  • Reduce the CPU usage of Cuckaroo29d miner.
  • Support 5GB cards for Cuckaroo29d.


  • Improve the performance of the Cuckaroo29d algorithm.
  • Fix the issue that the Cuckaroo29d failed to start for Turing-based cards.


  • Support the cuckaroo29d algorithm.


  • Fix invalid shares ETH + VBK when using multiple cards.


  • Fix the regression that Cuckaroo29 fails to work on Turing cards
  • Significantly improve the performance of ETH / VBK dual mine.


  • Improve the performance of the Cuckatoo algorithm.
  • Support dual-mining ETH and VBK.
  • Add the parameter -version to output the version and exit.


  • Improve performance of Cuckaroo29 / Aeternity.
  • Improve compatibility on Windows.
  • Add an experimental flag --fast to improve the performance for Cuckaroo29 / Aeternity, but it might lead to unstability on some systems.


  • Slightly improve performance of Cuckaroo29 / Cuckatoo31.
  • Reduce CPU usages of Cuckatoo31.
  • Fix the regressions of Cuckaroo29 on RTX cards.
  • Fix the incorrect reportings of Ethash speed to the mining pools.


  • Improve the performance of Cuckaroo29 by 5%.
  • Slightly improve the performance of Cuckatoo31.
  • Improve compatibility on Windows.


  • Improve performance and stability of Cuckatoo31.
  • Slightly improved performance of Ccukaroo29
  • Reduced the chance of reject and stale shares of CC29/CC31
  • Support RTX 2080/2070 for Cuckatoo31. RTX 2080 expected speed 1.45G/s


  • Improve performance of Cuckaroo29 / Cuckatoo31.
  • Experimental support Cuckaroo29 on AMD cards (ROCM only)
  • Improve compatibility on Windows.
  • Fix the regression on UI dashboard.
  • Reduce reject rate of Cuckaroo29 / Cuckatoo31.


  • Improve the fidelity of Cuckaroo29 on 1060 / P106 / 1070.


  • Fix compatibility issues on Windows.


  • Support 8G cards for Cuckatoo31 (except for Windows 10).
  • Improve stability of the Cuckatoo31 solver.


  • Improve the performance of Cuckaroo29.
  • Reduce the likelihood of rejected shares of Cuckatoo31.
  • Support Nicehash for both Cuckaroo29 / Cuckatoo31.


  • Improve the performance for Cuckatoo31.
  • Support 2080Ti for Cuckatoo31.
  • Reduce the CPU usages for Grin / Aeternity by default.
  • Reduce the likelihood of rejected shares for Cuckatoo31.


  • Experimental support for Cuckatoo31 on 1080Ti.
  • Fix the regression where ETH dual mine fails to start on Windows.
  • Improve performance on mining Aeternity.
  • Support tweaking the CPU usage for mining AE / Grin with the -intensity flag.


  • Improve performance of AE / Grin on Turing cards.
  • Improve performance of AE / Grin on lower-end CPUs and Windows platforms.
  • Support mining beam on leafpool and nicehash.
  • Fix the regression where /api/v1/devices is occasionally unresponsive.


  • Improved Grin/AE mining speed.
  • Print fidelity information. It is a measure of the luck/miner correctness. Overtime, the number should be close to one. For miners running over two hours, the fidelity should be at least greater than 0.95.
  • Improved multi-card performance on Windows
  • Improved the miner fidelity by 8%-10%. You will not see big local difference but you will see roughly 10% higher speed on the pool side.
  • Reduced reject chance.
  • Fixed equihash issue.
  • Fix the regression that the equihash miner fails to start on Windows.


  • Improve the performance of Turing GPUs when mining Grin.
  • Reduced rejected share chance for all cards.


  • Support mining Grin / AE with 4G or 5G of video memory. (P104 only on Linux)


  • 30% performance improvement on Grin and AE on NVIDIA GPUs only
  • Reduce the likelihood of rejected shares.


  • Optimize CPU usage.
  • Fix compatibility issues with and
  • Experimental support for Turing GPUs.
  • Allow bminer to run with older NVIDIA drivers.


  • 50% performance improvement on Aeternity.
  • 10% performance improvement on Grin.
  • Support 8GB cards on Windows 10.
  • Support SSL connections for Grin.


  • Experimental support mining Grin
  • 100% performance improvement on the beam miner compared to 11.4.1.
  • Bug fixes

Grin( Cuckaroo29) mining on stock settings:

  • 10.8 G/s on GTX 2080Ti
  • 7.90 G/s on GTX 2080
  • 7.10 G/s on GTX 1080Ti
  • 4.60 G/s on GTX 1070
  • 3.20 G/s on GTX 1060 6G
  • 6.76 G/s on GTX P102
  • 4.00 G/s on GTX P104

Grin( Cuckaroo31) mining on stock settings:

  • 2.2 G/s on GTX 2080ti
  • 1.3 G/s on GTX 1080 Ti

AE mining on stock settings:

  • 11.80 Sol/s on RTX 2080ti
  • 8.9 Sol/s on RTX 2080
  • 7.40 Sol/s on GTX 1080Ti
  • 4.37 Sol/s on GTX 1070
  • 3.15 Sol/s on GTX 1060 6G
  • 6.60 Sol/s on P102
  • 4.10 Sol/s on P104

Please see for more performance information.

Mining Grin (Grin)

Currently bminer only supports the Cuckaroo29 algorithm. There are a few things that need to be customized for your own usages:

  • Substitute bminergrin with your own GRIN address.
  • Substitute worker to your worker name.
  • Substitute foo to your password.

Currently bminer only supports the Cuckaroo29 algorithm. For example:
bminer -uri cuckaroo29://

Downloads Bminer

Grin Mining Tutorial
Bminer Grin mining on F2pool
Bminer Grin mining on Sparkpool
Note: you are able to set the worker name on spark pool if you follow the tutorial.
Bminer Grin mining on Grinmint pool
Note: you are able to set the worker name on Grinmint pool if you follow the tutorial.

How to tweaking the CPU usage for mining AE / Grin with the -intensity flag?

Both Aeternity / Grin requires significant CPU power to aid the mining. You might have sub-optimal performance if the machine is running on a low-end CPU (e.g. Intel Celeron) with multiple GPUs. Optionally, you can experiment the CPU usage with the -intensity flag:

bminer -uri cuckaroo29:// -intensity 6

The intensity is between 0 and 12. Lower intensity has lower CPU usage but potentially slower on mining.

Sample Usage of mining grin over nicehash:

  • bminer -uri cuckaroo29://

  • bminer -uri cuckatoo31://

Specifying AMD devices

You can specify which cards that Bminer should mine on using the -devices options. While Bminer runs on the NVIDIA cards by default, you can prefix the device IDs with amd: to run on AMD cards. For example:
bminer -devices amd:0 -uri beam+ssl://

Bminer will run on the first AMD card on the system.


will support Cuckaroo31 ?

only supports the Cuckaroo29 algorithm yet.

Where do I configure which GPU cards to use?

Is a cuda10 version to be expected?

Also, is bminer compatible with mining at grinmint pool?

May I ask how you are complying with ?

I keep getting this using AMD cards:

[FATA] [2019-01-15T22:07:28+13:00] Undefined but requested solver: cuckaroo29
[WARN] [2019-01-15T22:07:28+13:00] Miner died! It will be restarted soon…

you can add -devices x,y,z… at the end of the bat file to specify the GPUs.
such as -devices 0 means that Bminer will only run on the first card.

How do you use an email address as username like grinmint uses?

I get this error:
CUDA error DRIVER: ‘209’ in func ‘Initialize’ line 93

GoldMIner and Grin-Miner work on my setup

I can’t get this miner going either.

same issue here, miner does not start

Probably impossible to enforce that license…

is cuda-9-2 mandatory? or it works with latest cuda release

yes, Bminer is compatible with mining at Grinmint pool. Bminer works well with cuda 10.

We conform with the license. Will DM you for more details.

Sorry that Grin mining of Bminer works on NVIDIA GPUs only.

it works. please see

CUDA 9.2 or above is require.

does a AMD support comes later?