Fastest GRIN Miner | +25% Performance Increase With My GTX1080Ti

Fastest GRIN Miner | +25% Performance Increase With My GTX1080Ti

Testing the new Bminer with my Windows GTX1080Ti rig and sharing the performance with you when mining Grin. Wow it’s a huge performance increase!

In this video I’ll share everything you need to get started mining GRIN using the Bminer miner on Windows.

I also got a good performance boost with my GTX 1060’s. Please note rejected shares were due to the miner being restarted. The rejected share % is normal when running for a longer period.

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Gtx 1060 can mine on bminer?

Yes, I have my 1060’s running but I’m using the Linux Bminer. Not sure with Windows.

Have you or anyone got this miner working on AMD cards?

Mu config looks like this: START “Bminer: When Crypto-mining Made Fast” bminer.exe -devices amd:1 -uri %SCHEME%://%USERNAME%:%PWD%@%POOL% -api

I’ve tried using amd:0 aswell but still the same result.

I keep getting the error:
[TA] [2019-01-18T09:41:14+13:00] Undefined but requested solver: cuckaroo29
[WARN] [2019-01-18T09:41:14+13:00] Miner died! It will be restarted soon.

Do u have a video of the config? I am really interested in that. Also on how u installed the drivers on Linux for Nvidia… that would help me a lot!

@Riete I covered all of the Linux Nvidia drivers, Cuda setup in this video

I’m getting 2.3 GPS with Bminer in Ubuntu for reference, previously 1.85.

What AMD Gpus are you using ?

Vega. Have you tried with any AMD cards?

I don’t think Vega are supported, only RX series cards.

YO, i guyess ill give the ubuntu one a go after work today if i cant figure out why NVML library doesnt start, tried opening bat file via terminal and reinstalled graphics drivers and did several reboots.

I posted on your youube vid under alias BOBSnVEGE - i keep getting error

Try here, I covered the drivers and cuda setup at the start of this video

my miner is dying on win and also on ubuntu: CUDA error DRIVER: ‘209’ in func ‘bminer::cuckoo::CuckarooSolverCuda::Initialize’ line 92 (cuda installed and successfully mining with ggm and grin-miner)

3.73 G/S for a 1080.

Does that sound about right?

C31 algo is better anyway. Bminer does not support it yet.

hey, great video! could you please make a video on setting up bminer in linux?

This is just a small example what the 1080Ti can do. I also run Bminer with my GTX 1080Ti. And if you do more tweaking you can get 7.1Gps. And I am stll playing around with settings

At what clocks values?

I can’t get over 5.2 with bminer 13. I have 8x 1080ti

See picture. I get more out of it. But still working on it. I try work on Vbios lvl. But I still have not find anything yet. I would like to change more value’s then what is shown on afterburner.
Like chance memory straps etc

Hello Men, I have Rx580 8gb sapphire but same issue. do u know what to do ?