Amd Radeon vii help for a noob

Hello could someone tell me how to calculate how many g/s I would get mining Grin using a AMD Radeon Vii GPU? I’m trying to calculate on a profitability calculator however I can’t find the g/s specs for this card.

check lolminer, if you cant find the gps just download it and give it a spin. I think lolminer will be the best for amd though.

CHECK here

Thank you! From looking at this chart I could expect to mine aprox 3 Grin per day using 1 AMD Radeon VII. Am I correct in assuming that?

I think that is a bit high. At the moment the daily revenue of Grin is quite above normal. I think this is due to the algo change and the price dropping further. With a 1080ti I mine 2.1 Grin on c32 each day. I don’t think your card pulls another 30% above mine, but I can be wrong.

Yes your are right 3 Grins/day. This is may be due to hash rate is falling but anyway Radeon Vii is performing better than 1080ti on C32.