Is there an Optimized Miner for AMD VEGA FE / RADEON VII 16GB?

Hello guys,
Has anyone developed yet a Miner optimized for this Cards:

  • AMD Vega Frontier Edition 16GB
  • AMD Radeon VII 16GB


If not, I’m willing to collaborate, I have both those Cards with me…

(anyone that codes in ROCm native language or even simple OpenCL is welcome to join…)

Have you tried ePIC Boost Miner for Grin Coin? I’ve been playing with it running on Sapphire’s new mining card, the Radeon RX 570 16GB. It manages 0.42-0.43 has rate on Cuckatoo31+ and my system consumption is just 200W. Seems like a good balance.

I thought that miner is restricted to Sapphire 16gb 570.

I can try with my FE & R vii if those cards can work

Yep would be interesting to see if its optimized just to use 16gb regardless of amd card.

What do you get with them now? I get .41-.43 C31 with minerbabe on a Saphire 64

I just tried that, but it wont run with cards other than the Sapphire RX 570 16GB… it gives me error 3ccd

By my calculations you should get 0.7 on the Radeon VII, on MinerBabe…

I calculated that by applying the % of difference between VEGA 64 and Radeon VII mining the original OCL Plugin on Grin-Miner…

  • VEGA 64 ~ 0.16 GPS
  • Radeon VII ~ 0.27 GPS

so VEGA 64 is ~0.42 GPS on MinerBabe, 68% higher than original ocl plugin… Radeon VII should be 68% higher too… so about ~0.70 GPS…

Lets see what time will tell.

I’m getting 0.43 from the 16GB RX570 with ePIC-Boost-Miner - so it’s a shame this doesn’t work with Vega 64 or Radeon VII, as they are more powerful cards!

Vega VII can do 1.5 + gps .
Vega frontier around 1.2+

you just need proper grin miner plugins.

taking in consideration that RX570 with 16GB can do 0.41 GPS… yes, i do believe that!

But where can i get the right plugins?

the plugin was build by write the whole algorithm in rocm gcn from scratch, it’s still in internal testing .

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ok, i’ll just wait then… :rofl:

the issue for vega VII is it’s really too hot on grin. most time 100+, even with 100% fan… sigh… regret preordered this monster

I know, i think they even disabled some CU cores on it because it was too hot… but even so…

The primary issue with Radeon VII is its heatsink has an uneven contact surface, necessitating a graphite pad as a stopgap solution. This Redditor claimed to drop 40c off his temps just by sanding flat his heatsink.

They let such minor details kneecap their latest Nvidia contender just to meet the rushed deadline. And now we are expected to break out the sandpaper if we want this card to perform to its best potential

I just CANT believe this is real… it’s a joke right? does AMD have no QA team?

Can you show photo wthout cover of your 16gb rx570 gpu and share bios dump? Very interesting how saphire desine new rx570.

I have passed along the rquests I am seeing to the ePIC Boost team about making the miner work with other AMD cards as well. As soon as I hear back I will let you guys know.

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