SAPPHIRE Solutions will Support /Cuckatoo 32

After being the first to market with the SAPPHIRE RX 570 16GB HDMI Blockchain Graphics Card specially designed for the GRIN Community. SAPPHIRE is first again with the only Grin solution that will support Cuckatoo 32 protocol as a result of the recent update to the ePIC Boost Miner software and in preparation for Grin migrating to C32 in January 2020.

Updated ePIC Boost software drivers are now available to download here:

Sapphire Ed,

Is there any chance of making ePIC Boost work with Sapphire Vega’s?


I will pass it along to the mining devs.

@Sapphire_Ed Hi Ed!

I have my rig up and running but I’m having a strange issue when installing the AMD drivers. The system boots and reboots perfectly until I install AMDGPU-PRO drivers, then it boots to the black diagnostic screen and never gets past it. It happens every time and I’ve reinstalled Ubuntu 4 times in a row to test this and the same thing happens every time. Drivers cause the system to hang during the boot. Please let me know if you have any suggestions or advice! Thanks.

Try the instructions for the ROCm drivers and see if that works better

Edward Crisler

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Thanks for the suggestion. I will try that tomorrow on a fresh Ubuntu install. I know my board supports atomics but I don’t think that my CPU does, it’s a Pentium. Couldn’t find a an 8th generation intel mobo and also couldn’t find any 7th generation intel cores so I ended up tearing apart an old HP for the Pentium chip. Lol.

Have you tried to post a support request on the software development page? The Devs for ePIC Boost are really helpful.

Update to your request, at this time ePIC Boost is focused on the 570 16GB only.

Grin 32 for Vega Frontier Editions as well? This came out with 16 GB before RX Vega 64/56s.

Sorry at this time our focus is on the Sapphire RX 570 16GB card.

The Vega 64 would mine C31 well, but its power draw is way higher than the RX 570 16GB, and it costs more too. The RX 570 16GB is the much more cost-effective option.

The problem with the vega 64 is outside some very specific cards the memory is only 8 GB and you want to larger memory buffer for effective C31 mining.

You are right the Sapphire RX 570 16GB card is a very cost effective solutions for C31 mining.

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There’s the Frontier Edition (which I have as well) that is great for C29 and would be great for C31, but then you’re pulling big Watts and the card will likely throttle after a while.

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I have the VEGA FE as well, and i’m pulling 160W mining C29 (with some undervolting, using OverdriveNtool under Windows…) it’s not that big deal…

The thing with these 16GB cards is that it’s a waste to be mining just C29 with them, when we could be using more RAM to mine C31!
I’ve seen miners under development by the community, but no updates yet…

What hash rate are you getting? The thing is, the FE was a $1,000 card, and the RX 570 16GB is much cheaper, with robust cooling so you can leave it running 24/7. I was getting 165W or even more from my FE but the return with C29 just wasn’t worth it. The RX 570 16GB makes much more sense for pure mining.

4.3 GPS on the FE, not much…

This is a big advantage of the 570 16GB card, low power usage, reasonable price point and solid C31 performance.

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I was getting similar. But the profit from C29 isn’t as much as C31.

Yeah it might seem crazy with the GPS giving a lower number but C31 yields faster results.