SAPPHIRE Solutions will Support C32/Cuckatoo 32

February 2019 *: SAPPHIRE Technology, the leading manufacturer and global supplier of components and commercial solutions recently announced the release of the SAPPHIRE RX 570 16GB HDMI Blockchain Graphics Card, the first of a new family of GPU Blockchain products to support mining of the recently launched GRIN Coin and other cryptocurrencies.

The SAPPHIRE RX 570 16GB Graphic Card is now available to purchase from

The RX 570’s 16GB provides highest accuracy with up to 0.9999 Fidelity to solve Grin block rewards, and therefore a 40% better effective performance for mining Cuckatoo 31. Cuckatoo 31 requires 14GB memory and cards with 11GB or less make compromises to fit into a smaller memory footprint.

Also presenting the ePIC Boost Miner software, optmized to mine Grincoin on our Blockchain card.

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I’ve been playing with this setup and getting 0.42-0.43 hash rate on Cuckatoo31+, which is great for a system consumption of just 200W.

Any plans on adding support for other 16GB Cards??

VEGA FE 16GB and Radeon VII 16 GB?

if i try to run them, they give mi an _ _ 3ccd _ _ error…

IF you need access to any of those cards just say and i’ll provide that to you via SSH!

Thanks in advance.

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This request has been sent to the ePIC Boost team, if I hear anything I will be sure to post information here.

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