100% Rejected solutions VEGA 56 plugin_name = "ocl_cuckaroo"

since upgrading this morning the instance of grin-miner running my vega 56 card is having all of it;s solutions rejected

here is my config

# mean OpenCL supports both NVidia and AMD
# to install run ./install_ocl_plugins.sh script
plugin_name = "ocl_cuckaroo"
# 0 for default, 1 for AMD, 2 for NVidia, specify if you have
# cards from both vendors
platform = 1
# ID withing the platform
device = 0

don’t know what is wrong – please help - v 2.0.0

You’re running cuckaroo while the network has hard-forked to cuckarood. Unfortunately, grin-miner only has a CUDA plugin for cuckarood, so you’ll need to switch to a 3rd party miner.
Or mine the other PoW of cuckaroo31…

thanks tromp that explains it