Miner for AMD GPU Cuckaroo29Z

Grin Fam,

Does anyone know of a miner for AMD GPU’s working with the new Cuckaroo29Z algo?
I was using lolMiner for my Radeon VII but he has not updated for the new algo yet.
I tried using bminer as well but no luck there. I keep seeing an unknown solver error.
Currently, mining C32 with lolMiner so still rolling thankfully.



Tromp gave me this link in a similar post just before the hard fork … doesn’t work for Windose, just the good OS

Thanks for the link. I have not had much luck with configuring it. I’ll giver another try.

That one only has CUDA code for C29…

Guess that is why i can’t get the sucker to work…

Can I mining on nicehash with this protocol?