Grin-miner w/ AMD Radeon + Ubuntu + OpenCL?

After following instructions the best I could from the github repo, I have tried to use the ocl_cuckaroo plugins generated by ./ however it always crashes.

Does anyone mine using AMD GPU’s ? I am trying to mine with RX 580’s using the OpenCL plugins but having no luck.

Is there supposed to be ocl_cuckaroom.cuckooplugin generated in target/debug/plugins/ ? All that gets generated for me are ocl_cuckaroo.cuckooplugin and ocl_cuckatoo.cuckooplugin.


use lolminer for amd cards

Unfortunately there is no open-source OpenCL implementation of both Cuckaroom (current GPU PoW) and Cuckarood (previous):

I got lolminer to work on my nvidia cards, but is not seeing my amd cards for some reason

use bminer for nvidia cards. Never came across anyone explaining how to mix and match different brand GPUs. Try here in this group

When lolMiner starts up no sign of the amds? Can you run clinfo (.exe), shipped with amd drivers to see of they are listed there?

I’m using Ubuntu 18.04.4, and no sign of AMD cards on lolminer startup, is there a similar tool I can use on ubuntu to check?

EDIT: installed clinfo on ubuntu. I can paste the full output if needed, but the first thing it says is “number of platforms=1” and no list of amd as far as I can notice, I have my cards plugged in correctly I’m fairly sure (RX 580) and installed the proprietary drivers from amd via:

./amdgpu_install -y --headless

I haven’t gotten any software to recognize my cards and I have tried a lot of stuff