AMD Environment Setup

Hi all, I want to test out mining on my Vega64 but I’m having a real difficult time getting the environment setup, clinfo shows 0 OpenCL platforms, etc.

People running AMD, how did you set your environment up? I installed the latest 18.50 pro driver. Tried it both with and without the --opencl=legacy flag and neither seems to work. Can’t ever get it to identify any OpenCL devices. Thanks!

Trying to mine in Ubuntu 18.04 with grin-miner btw.

You need to be in video group for OpenCL to work. But this only worked for me on Ubuntu Desktop, could not get it to work on Ubuntu server.

Well I’m not sure what was different this time but I wiped all traces of the driver/openCL, reinstalled with the --opencl=pal, legacy option and it now correctly detects one platform in clinfo and the miner runs fine.

Needed the ocl-icd-opencl-dev package also to build the plugins. Apparently the AMD driver doesn’t include that.