lolMiner 0.9.5 - Adding C29M and giving better C31 performance

Sadly I am no longer able to update my old thread, so needed to create a new one :wink:

I just updated my miner to version 0.9.5 that comes with support for the new C29M on all 8G AMD cards. Don’t miss the fork on Thursday (16th) :smiley:

lolMiner 0.9.5 Release for Windows & Linux

Expected performance for C29M
(ofc depending on clock settings)

Radeon VII: 6.0-6.1 g/s
Vega 64: 4.3-4.4 g/s
Vega 56: 3.7 g/s
RX 5700: 3.9 g/s
RX 570: 2.2 g/s

Complete change-log from 0.9.3 / 0.9.4:

  • Added support for Grin CuckarooM-29 (hard fork on Jan 16th) on 8G AMD GPUs, use --coin GRIN-C29M to mine with it.
    Hint: The miner will pause until the fork height is reached not to waste energy. Use --coin FLOO-C29M to test the miner in floonet testnet before if you like.
  • Improved C31 performance on 8G cards by ~5% (Windows: relatively to 0.9.3, Linux: relatively to 0.9.4)
  • Navi on Windows now runs same kernels as in Linux
  • Slightly lowered energy use of C31 / C32 solver
  • Added aliases GRIN-C31 and GRIN-C32 for the Cuckatoo solvers (the old names still exist and continue to work)
  • Driver requirement for all GRIN codes: 18.50 for all pre-Navi cards, 19.30 for Navi (Linux); Adrenaline 18.12 for all pre-Navi, Adrenaline 19.10 for Navi

Have fun mining, any feedback appreciated :slight_smile:


Using only DEFAULT section and command line input
Reading pool data from command line
lolMiner is configured to mine Grin(GRIN-C29M), CuckarooM-29

Setup Miner…
Device 0:
Name: GeForce GTX 1070
Address: 1:0
Vendor: NVIDIA Corporation
Memory: 8116 MByte
Active: false ()

Connecting to pool…
Connected to (TLS disabled)
New job received: 11 Height: 524619 Difficulty: 4
Start Mining…
All devices deselected or failed compatiblity check. Closing lolMiner

This is on Linux. Was just wondering if this means GeForce GTX 1070 is incompatible with lolminer-all other config options are correct.

Do you have a guide on how to install, configure and run lolminer and Linux other than the readme? Thanks!


Currently there is no C29M or C31 / 32 for Nvidia in the miner. I am checking opportunities to add it though.


It should be rather simple.
When you unpacked the miner there are .sh files, one for example named
In there you just need to replace your pool address and port (line 7) and your wallet / account at that pool (line 8) and on some pools your worker password (line 9). Thats it. Afterwards run the modified .sh file from command line.

There is also an .sh file for C31, for C32 I forgot it, but its changing one number in the C31 file :wink:


Thank you so much and congrats on shipping the miner for the fork!

I got the same thing with RTX 2060 Super

Awesome work @Lolliedieb , thank you from the Radeon VII family. You’re holding down the fort.

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  • Hype for lolMiner (☞⌐▀͡ ͜ʖ͡▀ )☞
  • C29
  • C31
  • C32

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Finally on the right forum ^^

Thx @Macker ^^ Will try to get even better :slight_smile:

To the Nvidia users: there seems to be a thing in my implementation making Nvidias run low fidelity - thats why I currently have AMD kernels only :confused:


I am running some NVidia 1080tis and the fidelity is at 1.01 on both 14 and 42 cycles, so no issues there. Further, I am getting a 7% better hashrate per GPU than I was getting with Gminer v1.96, so definitely no complaints. :smiley:

Nice work on 0.9.8 @Lolliedieb. Yet another boost for the Radeon VII. ᕙ(▀̿̿Ĺ̯̿̿▀̿ ̿) ᕗ
Thanks a lot!



@Lolliedieb are you planning to update lolMiner for Cuckarooz?