Mining C31 with MacBook Pro 2018& Radeon Pro 560X 4Gb

Just start mining C31 with mackbookpro within Radeon pro 560x and 4Gbs memory, it works :wink: 0.125 GPS…

Hi ,

Can u tell me with what miner ?

Thx in advance

grin-miner and cl drivers

New results : 0.4689 GPS

On C31? waw i’m curios how much a RX 580 8 Gb will get or a Vega 64,can u post a link for the drivers thx

Yes on C31.
Drivers are released with grin-miner. You have to compile using(extract from grin-miner.toml) :

lean OpenCL supports both NVidia and AMD

very slow but requires ~ 3GB of RAM

to install run ./ script

I already compiled drivers and it works fine.

Thats amazing. I’m getting only .41 C31 with my Vega 64 using minerbabe

Can you share your config?

Yes ,please a config file will be very helpful and the config is grin-miner.toml?


Very simple.

plugin_name = “ocl_cuckatoo”
platform = 0
device = 2
edge_bits = 31

And where u put the pool ,worker etc?

I have try with grint-mint pool

nice but i don’t figure out how/where to configure pool credentials ,i mean what file i have to modify

you just have to modify the .toml file

Feb 04 18:47:23.098 DEBG Mining: Plugin 0 - Device 2 (AMD Radeon Pro 560X Compute Engine) at Cuck(at)oo31 - Status: OK : Last Graph time: 2.131552s; Graphs per second: 0.469 - Total Attempts: 2

Feb 04 18:47:23.098 INFO Mining: Cuck(at)oo at 0.469141733347345 gps (graphs per second)

Ok ,i’ll try and come back with a feedback

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