Newbie Question: How many coins per day per GPS?

Hello grinning mimblewimblers! :slight_smile:

A newbie here, I hope you guys can help me out :slight_smile:

My question is if someone can tell me how many coins I can mine a day with e.g. 10 GPS? Or is there somewhere a calculator or so?

Im asking because I have a offer to buy a mining rig with 7 1080ti Mini 11 GB and I was wondering how many Grin coins I could mine with it a day (approx).

Thank you for your help in advance!

I’m sure some people who have been monitoring the testnet consistently will have a better idea so I’m not going to take a guess. What I would say is that unless you’ve got free or very cheap power to run your rigs I think you would be better off just buying the coin in a few months time after the hype wears away and the initial hyperinflation takes over than outright buying a mining rig.

edit: You’ll be able to get a rough idea of how many coins you could mine a day once mainnet launches by getting the network stats and using this equation

(Your GPS / Network GPS) x 86400, where the 86400 is the amount of GRIN that is mined every day on average.

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Hey Sandman, this is a real helpful reply! This helps me a lot. I think I will rather buy coins then instead of buying the rig.

Thank you so much! :blush:

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Hey guys! Anyone willing to send some test coins from floonet to my adress? I’m running node and miming but my computer is too pussycat to mine anything. I’d like to test run my wallet and send/receive. Thank you!


If you mine with etc. 4GPS (on a 1080 card) and network is 2000GPS (low estimate) you will mine 217 Grin a day. (Your GPS / Network GPS) x 86400

There are some good replies to this so I just want to add a snarky one. Since the supply of coins is infinite, won’t the coins mined per day always be zero compared to the total supply?

The linear emission rate indeed eventually converges into the state you describe. The emissions graph shows that Grin will settle into a roughly 2.4% inflation rate in about 40 years.

I don’t know why but I get a warm feeling knowing that nobody can ever own more than 0% of the total supply, which makes sense because I don’t want to own it, I want to spend it.

for what it is worth, I am mining from minute 1 mainnet launch. Now is Jan 18.
My gps is 0.08 (slow)
I had mined 0.

Well, almost 2 weeks now at 0.08 gps, has anybody mined a fraction of a grin coin at this speed in 2 weeks? thx