[q] low throughput mining

Hello, I started low throughput mining (two miners at 0.08 each) within minutes since main-net went live.

I have been doing git-pull/recompile a few times a week to make sure I am on latest version of the software.

I have mined zero sofar (today is feb 7th).

Is there a way for me to validate that my setup is actually correct, and if I mine something it will be added to my wallet?

sofar my wallet is 0 for everything. And two miner instances say that I have found 0 blocks.

I have used the calculation mentioned on this thread

to figure out how long it will take me to mine a coin
(0.08*2) / 222675
(my gps) / network hash rate.

it is coming up with
1.8 / (10,000,000)
coins per day.

so that means, with my rate, will mine 1 coin in about 5 million days

Does the above sound normal? (for some reason I thought that mining on non-specialized hardware would be feasible)

Or could there be something wrong with my setup.
(the actual instances are running in Hyper-V VMs on Xeon E5-1650 @ 3.2 Ghz)

I am running cuckaroo_cpu_compat_29
with nthreads = 8

all other options are default

which pool you mining with?

i think you should pool your resources with other miners…


here is their reward calculator


I am not attached to any pool. running my grin-miners against my own grin. Is that the problem?

yes, i would say it is a problem

at your rate you will find a block (60 grin reward) mining C31 every 93,602.44 hours on average, but with a bit of bad luck, it could be 4 or 10 times longer. Of course you could be lucky and catch the next block, but unlikely.

If mining C29 your average time between blocks is 495,880.46 hours about 20,000 days.

Of course the network difficulty could get much harder and make it virtually impossible if it runs away on you during that time.

Mining on most pools. you will be paid multiple times a day as they find blocks (roughly equal to how much work you contributed).

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