Question about Node for solo mining

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to run my own mining node using the instructions from and it seems to be working.

After two days with my RTX 2080Ti (I7-7700) I still have no block but I think it should take about 20 days with 1.6gps anyway. What worries me is that I have about 2-3% stale shares from my miner. Compared to using a mining pool this seems high. Is this normal when mining on your own node? Is this a problem of my node and could be solved with a better configuration?

The mining configuration has the “minimum_share_difficulty” parameter. From what I have read this would increase the difficulty of the jobs for the miners, reducing the number of shares the node has to process. My CPU load is low, so I guess the number of shares is not the problem. When should this parameter be increased? I noticed that grinmint and other pools have a difficulty of 4 while the default config is 1.

There is also the “chain_validation_mode” parameter. A full chain validation sounds good but what are the drawbacks when enabling “EveryBlock”?

Another question would be about the mining itself. From what I understood several accepted shares are needed before a new block is constructed and checked. Does this mean that when I mine with too few gps and thus too few accepted shares I will never be able to find a block since it takes too long and someone else will find a new block at the current height?


How many card is that ? What calculator do you use to come up for 20 days with 1.6GPS ?
My calculation tell me you should getting a block within a week + - 1 day.


I used
With C31 1.6 gps it tells me to expect 3 grin coins per day. 60 coins per block --> 20 days