So now that I've got a node running (Windows), how do I mine against it?

So, noob here, and maybe Grin shouldn’t have been my first choice of coin to start mining, but here I am.

Now, I’m not completely ignorant, just ignorant to mining.

I’m running the Windows node, server enabled (that is the only configuration change I’ve made). Port 3414 opened.

Wallet created, address created.

Now, I’m reading I can’t run a miner from Windows, and I’d have to install a VM and Ubuntu and then the miner - and then I’m reading that I can run a miner from Windows… Bminer or Gminer, or whatever, but looking into those I can’t figure out how I’d run it against the node running on my machine.

Do I even need to do that if there are Grin pools? Does the node benefit me at all? If it helps the network, great, I’m all for it - but I want a kickback, if you know what I mean. I just don’t know how to set it up, and it really isn’t very clear.

Can someone tell me my next steps? And pretend I’m a 3 year old learning the alphabet when you do.


Lolminer is a great miner that runs on Windows! --> Releases · Lolliedieb/lolMiner-releases · GitHub

You don’t need to run a full node to mine with lolminer. If you want something more simple, I highly recommend using Grin++ as a node/wallet. --> Fast, Private and Secure Grin Wallet - Grin++ (

Finally, I have to recommend Grinmint as the mining pool. They are one of the smaller pools but have always supported grin. Happy grinning!

I’ll look into that as well. My thought process is now that I’ve gone through the trouble of setting up this node, I’d like to make use of it. If I can’t, I’ll go the other way.

lolMiner looks great though actually, thank you! Nice to see my 6900xt supported.

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I use Grin++ with gminer and 2miners as mining pool. In case you do not get it to work with grinmint, this is the 2miners step by step instruction to Grin mining with 2miners mining pool: