Grin.exe installed, but it seems it does nothing

I installed this afternoon grin and grin-wallet from this site and followed then all the Quickstart instructions.
But when I launch grin, I see this Mining section:

Mining server enabled: false
Mining server running: false
Active workers:        0
Solving Block Height:  n/a
Blocks Found:          0
Network Difficulty:    n/a
Network Hashrate:      n/a

Could have something to do with opening port 3414?
Or maybe, grin does not work on CPU, but only on GPU?.. :thinking:

Thank you for help!

Running grin just runs a node, you should see in the peers section that your node is communicating to other nodes and syncing with the network. This is the baseline functionality and allows the wallet to operate. It does not earn any coins.

Mining server is disabled by default, you enable it in the grin-server.toml configuration file, I’m not sure how exactly that works on Windows.

Then, if you want to actually mine you will need a miner. There is no built in miner in grin or grin-wallet. People use bminer for Nvidia GPUs, lolminer for AMD, or they use dedicated iPollo mining equipment. I don’t believe there are any CPU miners as it would be too inefficient to even try.

The peers section show this, so it seems ok:

Sorry for I naively thought I could mine also with CPU…!

Thank you very much!

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