I just can't get the wallet to run

Hello everyone,

I have Grin V 2.0.0, it runs ok, all updates are done and the status is " running".
The issue I am having is that the wallet dose not open, I read the “Use the wallet” guide and I did everything it said.

If anyone can help me understand what I am doing wrong, I am using the Grin 2.0 Winx64.


Any error message, if you open cmd and run it from there? (or any error in any log file?)

It just closes very fast, it might be cause I have an older card? I have a gtx 960.
Sorry I am very new to this, I did read everything, I did run GrinGoldMiner but it didn’t find an nvidia card so I guess my card is very crappy.

Is there a list with what nvidia cards work for mining grin?


grin-wallet.exe is a command line utility, so you have to open cmd and type “grin-wallet init” or “grin-wallet help” when you have navigated to the directory where the executable is located within command line. Grin node or grin-wallet does not mine by default, and I don’t know much about mining grin, but with wallet functionality gpu is not a problem.