Mining for extreme newbies

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I was reading the new Grin mining manual which is great. However, when trying to execute the step by step approach i didn’t even got further than downloading the Grin++ wallet. However, when trying to open the file i’m completely blocked. Not only by windows firewall but also by my Norton Antivirus scanner. It’s a bit frustration since i don’t see an option to add an exclusion even. Look guys & girls, i’m completely new to the mining concept but i do own grin for couple of years now but i thought it would be easier (even though the manual looks nice). Anyone has advice? Thanks! Kr

I have installed my Grin++1.2.6 wallet. Next step is to install the mining software. I tried to install Gminer & followed all steps. However, when executing the “Grin-pool” from i receive the following error:

C:\WINDOWS\system32>miner.exe --algo grin29 --server --port 3030 --user [MY WALLET ADDRESS & RIG Name]
‘miner.exe’ is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.

I tried everything I could find trying to resolve this specific error but doesn’'t work. Anyone able to advise with clear specific steps or who had the same issue? Thanks!

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You’d need to specify the correct path to miner.exe

Second, you’d need to specify --algo grin32 instead, as Grin no longer uses the secondary Cuckaroo*29 PoW.

Last, you’d want to check that GMiner still supports Cuckatoo32 in their miner.

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Dear Tromp. Really appreciate your supportive answer. Would it be better to use another miner instead? I’m not a programmer neither have I a background in IT so any clear guidelines with a step by step approoach or resolutions for errors are extremely helpful. Thanks again!

I don’t know as I’m not in the habit of mining. I do understand that the choice for competitive miners is limited to GMiner, NBMiner, and lolMiner.

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i want to start mining, so any suggestion for me

G1 Grin mini miners are best shot. if you want to mine with gpu ,6800 equiavalent is better maybe.

Wout, I’m glad you took the time to ask questions. I wish you luck!

i can use iron belly or grin c++ on my mobile to be online for rewards?

Grinmint uses slatepacks for payouts afaik. No need to be online for rewards.

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Yes you can, as long as your phone is online, your wallet is online to accept payments.
Personally I prefer to use GrinMint since you can withdraw using slate-packs whenever you want, which is much more convenient than needing to be online all the time.
Just be sure to write down the password you first use when connecting toGrinMint with your miner, since this is the password you need to withdraw grin from GrinMint


I’m glad you took the time to ask questions. I wish you luck!..

hey guys i’m on grinmint pool i got 2 g1 mini, on my dashboard i can see higher hashrate but still only 1 active workers, is that normal? i set the second miner same as the first but i filled the 2 working pool, i done everything right?

Here are the instruction for grinmint pool. at master · Grinnode-live/ · GitHub

G1 mini single hashrate is 1.2 gps around. If 2 of them connected,you will see a hashrate around 2.1-2.4 gps ,then it is fine.

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