Issue Initial Grin wallet


Happy I found this site. And it seems to be a very active community which is a good thing. :slight_smile:

I am somewhat of a noob to mining (not completely) but still testing/figuring things out.
I was using Cudo Miner to mine Grin, which was -eh-. And after playing around with other coins, I think I can do much better with a pool.

I started the sequence with the instructions from this forum to install on a Mac.
The server portion is up and running but the wallet fails to initialize.
I’m received this error: -bash: grin-wallet: command not found.

Any ideas of what’s wrong or how to fix it?


Try ./grin-wallet from the local folder. (grin-wallet is a separate file)

Humm that did not work either if you mean local as in from user folder (on Mac).
When I enter the command it asked for password, once that was entered in tried to run then Error could not open. Run grin wallet init. :frowning:
Thanks though. Trying anything and see.

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You are supposed to listen to error messages; that is the reason they exist. Did you try ./grin-wallet init?

If you want a more easy to use interface Grin Wallet, Grin++ is great. Mining on and withdraw my funds to Grin++. What’s great is I can always restore my wallet using the grin-wallet or wallet713 if i want to switch back to terminal wallet.

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