Setup Grin Wallet V2

Hello Guys,
I’m new in mining community. I followed instructions to run grin node, wallet and miner software.
I don’t have a problem with running node, but my problem is how to build the new wallet v2.
I downloaded and extracted the latest binary via Github official page here at the following path /home/grin-wallet

When I tried to initiate the wallet by command: grin-wallet init from inside extracted folder (/home/grin-wallet) or from inside the grin folder (/home/grin) I got this: grin-wallet: command not found

So kindly if some one guide me how to build the binary of the wallet will be appreciated

help please?


In case anyone else runs into this you would need to chmod +x the binary if its not already executable and then run ./ to run from current directory.


If you want to run grin-wallet without the ./ you would need to add your base directory to $PATH.