Problem running new grin wallet

Hi I just installed the latest post-fort version of the wallet ( and want to start it but get this error:

C:\Cryptocurrency Miners\wallets\grin-wallet-v2.0.0-win-x64>grin-wallet.exe
20190718 08:55:17.310 ERROR grin_wallet_impls::node_clients::http - Unable to contact Node to get version info: Request error: Cannot make request: an error occurred trying to connect: No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it. (os error 10061)
Wallet command failed: Unknown wallet command, use ‘grin help wallet’ for details

Anyone knows what is wrong or I am doing wrong?


Hi @caribbeanknight, you must also run a grin node alongside. Download here

thanx a lot, didn’t knew you needed to run a node too with all these easy qt-wallets… :slight_smile:


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Another question you may know. How do I create a receiving address in the cli interface of grin?
Is it the same way as with the 1.x wallet or is it different?

Thanks in advande!

What do you mean by receiving address? In Grin there is no address like in Bitcoin.

Then where do I mine to if there’s no address? :thinking:

On your local wallet :slight_smile:. You might want to read Grin4Bitcoiners.

thanks for the link!