Help connecting to a remote node

my server is up and running and syncing and everything is fine.
how can i connect to it from another machine ?
when i try this i get error

abdo@medo-:~/grin$ ./grin wallet -r http://myserverip:3413 info

____ Wallet Summary Info - Account ‘default’ as of height 0 ____

Total | 0.000000000
Awaiting Confirmation (< 10) | 0.000000000

Locked by previous transaction 0.000000000
Currently Spendable 0.000000000

WARNING: Wallet failed to verify data against a live chain. The above is from local cache and only valid up to the given height! (is your grin server offline or broken?)
Command ‘info’ completed successfully

Make sure you change the grin-server.toml on the nose folder from to And start connect.

did that and still can’t connet ! , when i open http://myserverip:3413 in the broswer it asks for a user/password in a dialoge box that says " http://serverip:3413 is requesting your username and password. The site says: “GrinAPI”

abdo@medo:~/grin$ ./grin wallet -r http://serverip:3413 check
20190127 02:24:57.805 WARN grin_wallet::command - Starting wallet check…
20190127 02:24:57.805 WARN grin_wallet::command - Updating all wallet outputs, please wait …
20190127 02:24:57.990 WARN grin_wallet::libwallet::internal::restore - Starting wallet check.
20190127 02:24:58.163 ERROR grin_wallet::node_clients::http - get_outputs_by_pmmr_index: unable to contact API http://serverip:3413. Error: Request error: Wrong response code
20190127 02:24:58.165 ERROR grin_wallet::command - Wallet check failed: Restore Error
20190127 02:24:58.166 ERROR grin_wallet::command - Backtrace:
Wallet command failed: LibWallet Error: Restore Error

I think you will need to start your grin node first and then you can proceed with the command

Make sure that the contents of the file pointed to by api_secret_path in grin-server.toml on your server are the same as the contents of the file pointed to by api_secret_path in grin-wallet.toml on your client. Default file is ~/.grin/main/.api_secret

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Working! Thank you very much