Wallet and node different machines, same network


how do I use grin-wallet with a node running from a different machine on the same network?

from what i understand if connecting to a remote node i would type:
grin-wallet -r http://some_address:3413 info

can i instead do something like:
grin-wallet -r info ?


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Sure, you can use remote GRIN API calls, for example like this using our free and public API you can use for free:

./grin-wallet --api_server_address “https://grinnode.live:3413

or add this to your grin-wallet.toml file for permanent usage

grin-wallet.toml :
check_node_api_http_addr = “https://grinnode.live:3413

More information on the free Grin API service here: GitHub - Grinnode-live/grinnode.live: High-Available GRIN API & GRIN Node